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The Best Free Utilities to Download After Installing Windows in 2023

Immediately after installing Windows, there is an impressive set of built-in applications to get you started: there is the Microsoft Edge Internet browser, the Media Player or Music Groove, even the WordPad word processor, not to mention a dozen others. What a computer without games! Even those who aren’t into playing will enjoy Vave slots and the most popular EA releases.


However, they cannot provide a full-fledged workstation, presenting only limited functionality. So, let’s find out which apps to add immediately after completing the installation of the OS.


Of course, Windows has the latest version of the libraries installed, but older games often require older versions of game libraries and will not want to run without them. DirectX is a free installer of all the necessary game components. It’s not an everyday program, and is installed once, but you can’t play without it. Besides games, library sets may also be needed for other programs that work with graphics.

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Windows has built-in support for some archives, particularly ZIP. But problems may arise with the RAR format. 7-zip is a simple and free archiver that supports a large number of archives. It is conveniently built into the system shell.


The native 7z format has an advantage over ZIP archives by 4-25%, even archives compressed in ZIP format have an advantage over other archivers by 2-10%. According to MaximumCompression rating comparison, 7-zip took the final 24th place, surpassing WinRAR and WinZIP.

WPS Office

It’s a free alternative to Microsoft’s office suite. WPS is short for Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet, the Word, PowerPoint, and Excel counterparts. The free version of WPS supports some PDF editing, full editing is only supported in the paid version.

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WPS Presentation is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. It’s also compatible with common PPT formats, such as .ppt, .pptx, and .pptm.

K-Lite Codec Pack

Windows initially supports only a small number of codecs for video and audio playback. K-Lite Codec Pack is a set of additional codecs for playing all common media formats.


There are four versions of the release: Basic, Standard, Full and Mega. They differ in the number of codecs and the presence of additional utilities. The Full version is recommended for home use.


Codecs are selected so as to eliminate any possible conflicts between them. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported.

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Download Master

It’s a handy download manager. It supports integration with almost all known browsers and intercepts downloads to your hard drives. This tool supports downloading in multiple streams, which can increase speed by several times from the limited resources, limiting the connection speed.


It supports one-click video downloads from YouTube in the address bar. Furthermore, it has a built-in FTP-client. If you install additional extensions, it can additionally convert downloaded video and audio files.


A nice addition is the download scheduler and customizable actions on the completion of all tasks.


Have you ever encountered files or folders that didn’t want to be deleted, even after closing all the windows and restarting the computer? Unlocker easily solves such problems by finding programs or processes that prevent the file from being deleted.

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Unlocker is conveniently embedded in the right-click context menu. It should be used with caution and only when you are fully confident in what you are doing.

Your Phone

A useful app for those who have Android phones. Your Phone lets you connect your phone with your computer, receive files by drag and drop, make calls, read, and reply to messages. Moreover, it allows you to run the app on your phone on your computer screen.


The connection is made through a wireless network, so the speed of data exchange is quite high. You may need a Bluetooth adapter to make calls.

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Google Drive

Another useful utility for those who use Google Cloud Storage. Google Drive is installed in the tablet out of the box, if you have already appreciated the convenience of its use, then the computer version will be quite familiar to you.


Besides the 15GB of cloud storage, you get to share your files with colleagues or loved ones. Cloud storage has not only the usual protection, but is additionally equipped with antivirus, which checks all files for malicious code and malware.


Google Drive has integration with other company products, such as Google Docs and Tables and many others. Documents don’t require any special conversion to work with them, and over 100 popular formats are supported.

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