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The Best MacOS Tools for Productivity

MacOS is the second most commonly used desktop. One of the reasons for its popularity is its high-quality software, which is pleasant and easy to use. What’s more, Mac users have access to many third-party applications that make using the computer even more comfortable for work or study. From Gmail and messengers to sites, like Vave Casino, you can add anything to your Sidekick.


And there are utilities that let you plan ahead, manage your time, and be productive. Other apps for macOS are useful for organizing teamwork and managing projects. There are also many interesting apps for self-development and creative activity. Many of them can be used for free.

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Sidekick: A Browser for Productivity

Use the Sidekick app for Apple to improve your productivity and access popular online resources from the Sidekick menu. If necessary, you can open them directly from the sidebar to read messages or work. You can switch between different accounts in a single click. According to the developers, the browser is faster than Chrome.

Simplenote: A Note Taking App

Simplenote is suitable for creating quick notes, keeping to-do lists and fixing ideas. Simplenote is good for its brevity and simplicity. There is nothing superfluous here, everything is to the point. Using this app, you can quickly publish any texts in the online space. Notes can be shared with other users, edited and deleted. If necessary, any files from the trash can be restored. Using this app, you can quickly publish any texts with HTML markup on the Internet. This is handy if you need to share information with clients, create instructions for staff, or distribute tasks to performers.

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Todoist: A Tool for Team Scheduling

The most convenient task planner that will help increase productivity, plan work time and organize teamwork on a project. The app is suitable for delegating tasks and has a variety of functions that facilitate project management.

iA Writer: A Handy Web Text Editor

This handy text editor with a concise, minimalist design creates a comfortable environment for working on texts. It will come in handy for website creators, advanced and novice writers. It helps you focus, concentrate on your work, and make your text high-quality and informative.

Notion: An Assistant for Organizing Things

To avoid switching between tabs with different work apps, replace them with this app. It successfully replaces Trello, Todoist, Evernote, and many other apps. It also supports many languages. In the task manager, you can work with documents of any format. Notion collect briefs, links, files in it, set deadlines for different tasks. Use the Travel Plans template to create routes of trips, book hotels, tickets, and keep track of travel expenses.


Sunsama: A Task and Calendar Management

Using this application, you can control your tasks. Set due dates and reminders for them, track your actions on the way to achieve the planned goals. The program will appeal to those who are used to using the calendar to plan tasks or want to organize their time for a week, month ahead.

DeepL: A Translator for Communication in Any Language

A handy service for translating text information that supports dozens of world languages, including English, Danish, Greek, and others. The app is displayed on the home screen with a keyboard shortcut. When translating, it subtly captures all the meanings of words and interprets them with 100% accuracy, something no machine has ever been able to do before. The app is available for teams and individual users.

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Franz: A Program for Business and Personal Communication

It creates a single environment for all messengers in use, each of which opens in a new tab. All services work in normal mode, with familiar icons and design. With Franz you can simultaneously correspond in Gmail, WhatsApp, and other chat apps in one window, working with several accounts. That is, you don’t have to waste time to enter and exit to another account.


To make your computer more productive, comfortable to work with, you can download these apps. Download them from the App Store and install them on your Mac. You can use many of these apps daily. They’ll help you get organized, be more productive, and get more done in less time. To see which tool is best for you, you can try free versions of the programs.

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