September 22


Why a Small Desktop Computer is the Best Choice for You

When it is time for you to upgrade your PC, you may need to look for some references of products to choose. Some people will choose to buy separated parts and arrange them into desktop so the PC can have customized specification and it can be made depending on the needs of the users. These are common choice among people who demand high specification, such as the developer, programmer, video editor, or even gamers. However, these require much time to prepare and choose the components because you may need to choose CPU, RAM, SSD and other components. When you want to get something good and compact, you can buy a small desktop computer.

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Small desktop computer is quite popular in recent years. Since its first appearance, it has attracted many attentions because as its name shows, the desktop computer have very small size compared the regular desktop. However, small size does not mean low specification. You still can get choices of specifications and i tis one of the reasons. Your options of specifications are vast because now many brands also provide the small desktop computer, even it is not big problem when you want to get processor of Intel i3, i5, or even i7. These are possible to find so you will not need to worry about the performance for your basic jobs.

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Of course, the main benefits can be found in its size. It has small dimension and it means that you will not need much space. It will be suitable when you only have limited working space on your table. The size is similar to book, and even it can be smaller than the thick dictionaries. Thus, you will not find problem to arrange your desk. You can have many ways to place the small desktop computer. It can be attached to wall, or you can place it next to the monitor. It gives you flexibility in dealing with the arrangement and it will not take much space.

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In fact, you can use the small desktop as your optional portable PC. It may not be like laptop because it does not have attached screen on its body. However, it already comes with its display port and of course now many small desktop computers have HDMI ports so it will be easy when you want to connect it to screens or displays. Even, it will be more effective than laptop because it is smaller and the weight is quite lighter than regular laptops. Thus, you do not need to worry about its portability. Most of them use SSD so you will not have problems even if you keep bringing them to your house and office many times because movement and shock will not affect the storage drive.

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Lastly, the small desktop computer consumes less power. It is not only the matter of size, but you can save the energy consumption so you can also save your money for the bills. It can be seen from its body that it has compact power supply and all parts are made into smaller size so it is normal to say that it will consume less energy than the regular desktop computers. Moreover, it requires less maintenance. You do not need to open the case regularly and check the hardware because it is engineered to give you easy and simple maintenance.

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