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Augmented Reality Trends That You Should Be Aware Of: New Initiatives

In a digital transformation landscape where conversations are evolving into something bigger and brand new every single day, with every conference, and every stakeholder showcasing an innovative mindset, augmented reality is progressing along accordingly. Fortunately, in this industry, every stakeholder comes with an innovative mindset and is driven to more than the ordinary – thinking beyond just business and focusing on the long-term impacts.


No one would have predicted that AR would come this far and would be evaluated at $15.6 billion at a global level. The market has broken all records and set critics back. Moving forward, we predict exponential growth for the AR market and for the businesses who decide to embrace the technology right now and make it an essential part of their workflow.

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In this article, we will look at how innovative the recent AR trends can be and why emerging startups and enterprises should create a more inclusive environment where augmented reality is a vital part of the process. Here is what will help you decide. Take a look.

Top 4 AR Trends

We have listed down the most popular augmented reality trends going on and making a substantial impact right. Now and we have even talked about industries that are at a development stage but are bound to revolutionize everything.


1.   Embracing WebAR

The best part about WebAR is that it enables consumers and businesses to fully utilize augmented reality without downloading or installing an actual app. As the name indicates, WebAR is a technology that is fully supported by web browsers and works best as a testing tool. WebAR is useful for those companies who do not have a functional app and want to test out AR features anyway.

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It is built on offering accessibility and is successful so far. WebAR does lack many core features that an android app development would but nonetheless, it is useful in its own capacity. You just need to figure out how to make the most out of it. A 6.5 billion audience that uses smartphones in their daily lives can be reached through WebAR. Remember, web browser play their part here.


And WebAR is cost-effective as well. You get direct access to smartphone users without actually getting into the app development process. The features you get on web browsers are unparalleled to any other.

  • Dynamic lighting
  • Face recognition
  • Image tracking
  • World tracking
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And a space where there is room for creativity and for you to experiment when dealing with particular projects. WebAR can be accessed with just one click. Open the designed website and a pop-up camera option will appear. Scan the desired object and play around.


2.   Augmented reality and artificial intelligence


AR and AI have had a similar pathway and are on the same growth pattern if you look at it. No one had predicted AI to come so far and be a fundamental part of many industries as well. Yet here we are. For better and quicker growth, it is always recommended to collaborate and see what the best outcome can be. Here, AI can help make augmented reality technologies much more efficient and reliable.



The trust factor is still there for consumers. An AI-powered digital product can generate the best facial recognition algorithms for a particular goal. In a video game, the consumer would easily get their own customized avatar that would look almost human-like. AI and AR together would make it possible.


3.   The inclusion of Metaverse

Any conversation about augmented reality would be incomplete without mentioning the Metaverse, a field that is breaking all barriers and crossing all limits, quite literally. We have seen how Facebook has embraced the concept with the Meta rebranding and top-notch investors are actively making an effort to understand the technology and eventually invest billions of dollars.

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Metaverse aims to create an ecosystem where there is a space for everyone in a virtual way. A place where liberty and autonomy matter. A utopia where progress is everywhere. Augmented reality plays a key role in helping make that vision a reality.


For virtual objects to be displayed accurately and the overall experience for consumers to be interactive and immersive, augmented reality technologies are implemented all-year round to make sure that everything is in check. And in the Metaverse, everything can be owned and distributed by an individual. We are going to see more progress with digital collectibles in AR.


4.   Smartphones are evolving

Get in touch with mobile app development companies in NYC and see what they have to say about emerging technologies and where the right audience is. It is safe to say that smartphones are capable of doing much more than a phone call or having internet. Flagships and even the most ordinary phones come packed with high-speed processors.

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Augmented reality makes the most out of the situation. The AR mobile games we see these days are breathtaking and match the capabilities of a console game. There is no actual difference now. In fact, for consumers, having a mobile device to play a game enables them better mobility and easy access.


In a fast-paced world, everyone is constantly on the move and there is barely any time to stop and reflect for a while. Be ahead and launch a game that can be played on the go. Both Google and Apple are actively working toward including more frameworks and technologies that would make it easier to include AR in the bigger picture.

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Final Thoughts

And this is where we conclude the list. However, we highlighted the four top-most emergent trends right now, but overall – the AR technology market has a whole lot more to cover. Augmented reality is becoming part of nearly every field now and is helping everyone progress together.


A few noteworthy mentioned are the potential use of AR glasses in the near future. Or the fact that digital marketing is going to evolve into an innovative space. There are new ways to advertise a product now. And given how fragile the healthcare industry was during the pandemic, significant changes are being taken place. Medical equipment being powered by AR technologies is one of them.

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