July 26


New Technological Trends

Our digital world does not plan to stop with its innovations. Every day is something new created to ease our life. So many devices are making our life simple but not simpler and connecting us to the world’s information. Everything has changed, even our hobbies. If you enjoy gambling join Hellspin Casino and test your luck there. You can use any device you want for your convenience. We are going to share some information about amazing developments like toothbrushes and drones flight academy.

New Toothbrush

One day humanity will be able to give up the toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash. A talented team at the University of Pennsylvania has proposed using a swarm of robots instead.

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They consist of iron oxide nanoparticles, which, under the influence of a magnetic field, form the necessary shape. The system can be programmed to control the nanobots automatically.


Microbots are made up of iron oxide nanoparticles. Using a magnetic field, the researchers were able to manipulate their movements and configuration to form bristles that remove plaque from wide surfaces and floss that can clean between teeth. As a result of the catalytic reaction, the nanoparticles create antimicrobial substances that kill bacteria.

Experiments on artificial and real human teeth have shown that clusters of robots can form different shapes and almost completely eliminate biofilms that provoke cavities and periodontitis. The results of the proof-of-concept study are published in the journal ACS Nano.

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The researchers note that their solution will make life easier for many people because it does not involve hands, speeds up, and automates the routine procedure.

How Does It Work?

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania noted that the magnetic field allows you to shape and control nanoparticles. It looks like a robotic arm stretches out and cleans the surface. The system can be programmed to automatically combine nanoparticles and control movement.

Our toothbrush has not been changed for thousands of years. Even the advent of electric brushes has not changed the basic concept. That made the scientists think about its development. The microbot system has allowed researchers to take a step in this direction.

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Whether your teeth are straight or not, the system will adapt to different surfaces and clean all of them.

The technology allows robots to be fully programmed, setting not only the movements but also the length and stiffness of the formed or “bristles”. Scientists note that this makes it possible to make the system gentle enough for clinical use and adapt it to the unique topography of the user’s oral cavity. They hope that in the future it will be used in the care of the elderly or people with disabilities.

Project AirSim by Microsoft

Microsoft has introduced a new service for testing and training drones. Project AirSim provides many virtual scenarios of a realistic environment. One of them is how you can fly and learn how to fly a drone.

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AirSim launched in a test mode with limited access. To get it, those who want to try the service need to contact the project developers.

The service contains numerous environmental templates in which you can test drones and learn how to fly them, working through scenarios for flying, controlling, and operating a drone in various conditions.

AirSim runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, which allows you to quickly process large amounts of data. It is noted that testers can independently put their own environment and flight projects into the service.

Microsoft said that the project was created in response to progress in the development of artificial intelligence and unmanned technologies. With the creation of the service, the company wants to accelerate the commercialization of unmanned vehicles.

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