May 24


Top 6 Note-taking Apps to Try in 2023

The average adult has up to 50,000 thoughts a day. Can you think of at least a hundred of those that occurred to you today? Of course not. Therefore, even if something really useful or genius comes to your mind, it can be replaced by some other thoughts, like new work tasks, a promising Bizzo Casino bonus, or a call from your friend you haven’t seen for a while. If you want to save this important information as much as possible, make it a habit to record all ideas in writing.


Today, it’s unnecessary to use a paper notebook, diary, and pen. After all, there are quite a few useful apps for this in smartphones or other electronic gadgets. And everyone has them at their fingertips today.

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There are many apps for taking notes. You can download them from Google Play or the App Store, install them on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Some of them are limited to simplified functionality and a concise interface. Others are advanced, equipped with a variety of options, software which provides efficient and organized execution of any team work, ensuring interaction between team members.


A simple note-taking app without any extra features, designed to handle plain text notes. It’s perfect for quickly capturing thoughts on the go. In the program, it’s convenient to edit notes using Markdown markup with the publication of notes on the Internet for public viewing. You can use tags to distribute your notes so you can easily find them when you need them. Any changes you make are automatically recorded in the edit history, so you always have the option to go back to a previous version of the note to edit it.

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Zoho Notebook

It’s a beautiful organizer with a great set of colorful covers to make using the program more interesting and enjoyable. In this app, you can write, make sketches, add voice messages, and any files. In Zoho Notebook, you can view documents in PDF and Microsoft Office, make color marks for notes, tag them and add them to the list of favorites for quick access. You can use a password to protect information in Zoho Notebook.


The oldest note taking app that you can use to create and store any kind of notes. You can attach any attachments, files, even entire web pages from the Internet. This program works with any format, including texts, photos, paintings, videos, PDFs, audio files, screenshots, and other files. It recognizes handwritten texts, images, and printed documents. Notes can be structured using tags, and you can share them with other performers.

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Apple Notes

The perfect note-taking app for iPhone, Mac and iPad with which you can save your ideas at any time. The service provides synchronization between devices in the iCloud cloud. You can create quick notes, drag and drop them from place to place, and easily manage your to-do and task lists. You can add attachments of all types to your notes, create checklists, scan documents, and sign them. Use Siri electronic assistant to quickly find any information in the system. Thus the app allows you to view a gallery of notes, structure notes into folders, keep clear and organized personal and work to-do lists.

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Google Keep

The optimal option for those who are looking for an app solely for the creation of notes. The appearance of the service resembles a board with stickers, which will be at your fingertips at any minute. Such a simple design doesn’t distract from your work, but the program has a good set of functions that might be useful for a common user, including a system of notifications, tags and the ability to pin comments. The app is handy for creating shopping lists, taking quick voice notes, and capturing ideas on the go. You can create quick notes in Google Keep, which the app will format and decipher automatically. Other features include color coding and a handy reminder system.

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An “advanced” tool for articles and notes, with the help of which you can convert short notes into full texts, make posts for social networks or entire book chapters on their basis. The program supports Markdown and typewriter mode. Using the app, it’s much easier to concentrate when you’re writing, which contributes to better productivity and writing quality. You can store all your projects in a single library, post on Medium and WordPress from the app.

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