March 29


The Best Apps for Listening to Music on Android and iPhone in 2022

Today, the app market offers many paid and free services for listening to music. And if you have not yet decided on a music app or have decided to change your existing one, it’s time to use our selection.


This app is consistently ahead of many competitors in the field of music apps. Spotify gives its users free access to 70 million tracks, as well as the ability to add songs to their playlists. However, you have to put up with advertising. But there is a function of listening to the tracks in offline mode.


Besides, another advantage of the app in the search for new music. The Discover Weekly feature provides users with a playlist that is updated weekly.

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Spotify also has a library of other ready-to-play playlists for different tastes and life events, some of them can even be selected for placing bets on online Roulette games for Canadiens. For example, tracks for a car ride, tunes that make you feel good, motivational songs for working out, etc.



  • Extensive features in the free version.
  • Creative playlists.
  • Large library of tracks, which is constantly updated.
  • Clear and easy to navigate.



  • Some musicians accuse the service of not paying them enough, while giving users free access to their tracks.


When it comes to music apps, you can’t help but mention Pandora. The service is a classic among free apps for listening to tracks of all genres and podcasts.

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The user only needs to select the artist, genre or composer on his mobile device. The rest is taken care of by an algorithm for personalized selection, which will fill your playlist with appropriate tunes.


The app has recently added a voice search feature that allows you not only to search for a track, but also to pause, skip a tune or give a like. Pandora developers have also added a personalized radio station that plays songs based on the user’s preferences.



  • A good search for new things in the music world, based on other artists and tracks the user is listening to.
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  • Pandora is really a basic service, and its randomized stations don’t always provide a good listening experience.
  • Not as rich a selection of music as, for example, Apple Music or Spotify.


In the free version, the user can download original songs, listen to novice artists. The service is known as a platform for aspiring musicians: here everyone can release their own music or remix.


Now the library of the application has more than 200 million audio tracks. In this regard, SoundCloud has a huge variety of music that you won’t find anywhere else. You can also link your account to Google Play and get access to a wider range of tracks, not only music, but also podcasts and audio shows.

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Users can chat directly on the platform with the artists themselves and create playlists to their liking. The design of the application is minimalistic, and even a novice can figure out how to navigate.



  • It’s suitable for users who want to listen to modern music that goes beyond the mainstream.
  • It gives young musicians a chance to record a popular track and stand out among other newcomers.



  • The search is limited to suggested or popular tracks, making it somewhat difficult to find user-generated music if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.


The extensive catalog makes this app extraordinarily appealing. The free version also has all the tracks available, though with ads and a limitation in sound quality. Using the “Song lyrics” function, the user will be able to sing along to their favorite artists.

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Separately we should mention the flow algorithm, which remembers the user’s preferences and offers similar playlists and new tracks.



  • Track recognition feature.
  • Even in the free version, there are many track variations that will appeal to users with different music preferences.



  • The offline mode is only available to users of the paid versions.

YouTube Music

YouTube has long been more than just a video platform. YouTube Music was launched in 2015. It was then that the service announced that it was ready to become a competitor to popular apps. Like many other programs, YouTube Music has a free and a paid version. The free version has ads, but there are not so many of them that you can refuse to use the service.

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Additional features, such as listening to music offline, are paid. In contrast to this inconvenience, the user of the free version gets a huge catalog of music, the size of which is unknown. However, the selection of tracks on YouTube Music is unparalleled.



  • A lot of videos.
  • Clear and user-friendly interface.
  • One of the largest music libraries for users of the free version.



  • Sound quality, although it’s not too different from the free versions of other apps.
  • The app is not the best choice for people who depend on their playlists.
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