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Essential dining set items you never knew you needed

Dining sets have a lot more to offer than just a table and some chairs. The best dining room furniture sets come with a variety of optional pieces. You can also do a lot with the right décor and accessories in the dining room.

The best way to design a dining room is to make it as functional and versatile as possible. Especially if you will be hosting dinner parties or family gatherings, the right dining set needs to be able to accommodate varying numbers of diners.

If you have never bought a dining set new in the past, you might be surprised at all of the furnishings and décor available within the same collection or of the same design. Shopping online will also give you the ability to see how the different pieces might look individually and together as a cohesive unit.

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Before you jump in feet first, consider how you might use other dining furniture.

Buffet (aka sideboard)

The terms buffet and sideboard are often used interchangeably, and rightfully so. They are, in fact, the same piece of furniture. The only difference lies in where the item is placed. If you put the furniture in the dining room it is called a buffet, but if you place it in the living room it is called a sideboard. Either way, this piece of furniture is very useful for storing items that you only use occasionally.

China cabinet or hutch

A china cabinet or hutch in the dining room can help pull together the décor, but you don’t have to use it just for flashy or cute collectables. This piece of a dining set can also be very functional and versatile, giving you a place to store your china, wine glasses, and other expensive items for traditional place settings that are only used on a rare basis. Meanwhile, the china can work as part of the décor when displayed in such a manner.

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Offset the dining table and chairs with some complimentary wall art

The dining table and chairs may take up the most space in the room, but you don’t necessarily want it to be the focal point of the dining area. If you don’t have a china cabinet, or if you do but have another blank wall, choosing some wall art that matches your tastes and chosen interior design style can make a big difference in the aesthetic of the dining room. Choose wall art and other decorative accessories that will work with varying table linens.

Pull it all together with an area rug

An area rug is an important part of your dining room set, even though it is sold separately. Area rugs pull a room together, and they are simply more comfortable over hardwood or linoleum floors. If you have children that might damage the rug, or if you have a carpeted dining area, you should also consider a plastic mat to lay over the area rug.

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