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How to Turn a Subscriber Into a Client

There are many techniques in content marketing to attract and retain an audience. However, each of them has one goal – to guide the user through the funnel from advertising to purchase. In simple words, turn a potential subscriber into a very real client. For example, Vave Casino seamlessly transitions subscribers into loyal clients using these persuasive marketing strategies. They leverage the allure of online gaming to captivate their audience and foster lasting engagement.



In this article we will take a closer look at the marketing theory, according to which every potential client is at a certain level of awareness and readiness to make a purchasing decision.

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Why know the levels of awareness of your target audience?

Segmentation of the target audience by level of awareness allows you to divide potential clients and subscribers into logical groups, and each apply their own attraction strategies.


For example, it is unlikely that people will be interested in buying spf spray before they learn about the dangers of exposure to direct sunlight.


This theory allows:


  • Develop an effective strategy for interacting with audiences on social networks
  • Optimize the time it takes to complete the funnel from discovery to purchase
  • Predict potential client actions
  • Use optimal marketing tools to work with your audience
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Level 1 – Indifference, Unconscious Audience


The first step on the ladder of client awareness is Indifference. Users at this level are not aware of the problem. This means they are not looking for a solution.

This is a rather cold audience that is difficult to work with.


How to take such an audience to the next stage:


Tell them stories. About what results other people similar to them achieve.


Create empathy in your readers. Use in your content what they identify with and believe in.

Appeal to emotions. What is the main emotion that their Pain evokes? What is the opposite emotion in a positive scenario? Use this in your content.

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Illuminate unconscious or conscious conflict. What does your target audience don’t want, can’t, or don’t think they can do to achieve results?


Level 2 – Awareness. An Audience that Knows About the Problem


Once the user realizes the actual problem, he moves to the next level. At this stage, the potential client is focused on the problem itself, and not its solution, so he is not yet ready to pay attention to your product.


He is not a subscriber yet either.


How to take it to the next level? Raise a problem in the context of your audience and show why your product solves it.

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You can do this through:


  • Pain actualization
  • Appeal to emotions
  • Empathy point
  • Covering Unconscious Conflict
  • Demonstration of a result or true desire.



Level 3 – Comparison. Audience that Knows About the Solution


At this and the next stages there is the warmest audience – those who are actively looking for ways to solve the problem.


At the comparison stage, a potential client actively subscribes to thematic communities and accounts on social networks, visits sites with related solutions, in a word, interacts with you and your competitors.


How to help the client to move to the next level:

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Be aware of the result of interaction with your product

Demonstrate resolution of conscious or unconscious conflict

Address the main emotion your customers feel when solving a problem

Tell them about the mechanism – the way to obtain results.


Level 4 – Product Selection. An Audience that Knows About Your Product


An even warmer audience is at the product selection stage. To put it simply, you need to help your subscriber make a choice in favor of your product. Demonstrate why your solution is the best, new, different. And how exactly it gets rid of the problem in the best, fastest and most convenient way.

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What tools will help with this:


  • Demonstration of the result
  • Coverage of the conflict
  • Reference to main emotion
  • Presentation of the mechanism – the method of obtaining the result.


The quality of content targeted at this segment determines whether the subscriber will become your client or go to a competitor.


Level 5 – Almost Clients


Those subscribers who have already interacted with you, but for some reason stopped at one of the previous stages are your hottest audience: Almost customers.


It is from the Almost Customers category that you can expect the greatest loyalty to your product.

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You can convert them into customers by using tools in the content, the demonstration of which was not enough for subscribers to make a purchasing decision. But you can definitely find out what specific elements they were missing only through in-depth research.


Your subscriber will definitely become a client.


The ability to draw up a content strategy based on segmenting the target audience by level of awareness allows you to use the most effective warm-up tools.


However, it is important to understand that the tools presented in this article do not have an immediate, but rather a strategic, cumulative effect.

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The lower the level of awareness of the target audience, the more time it will take to warm up and move through the funnel. With the right approach and careful segmentation of the target audience, your subscriber will definitely become a client.












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