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Five trends in VR and AR in 2022

According to experts, by 2024 the market for virtual, augmented and mixed reality will reach $300 billion. In recent years, growth has been facilitated by a general expansion of the audience, and growing demand in healthcare, industry, marketing, and other areas.,some people use them when betting at the website or while using  PlayAmo casino app. Many people are familiar with Instagram masks – this is also an example of the synergy of  AR and artificial intelligence when more realistic effects can be applied due to more accurate recognition. Every year technologies become more compact, cheaper, and better. In this article, we will talk about how VR and AR will develop.

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1. New VR milestone

In 2017-2018, VR was a big trend but quickly fell out of favor due to low performance, poor content quality, and so on. But now a new stage in the development of virtual reality has begun. In 2021, Qualcomm said that Oculus Quest 2 has sold more than 10 million units since release, providing an active and rapidly growing audience for content producers to start focusing on VR. Affordable glasses, autonomy, picture quality, ergonomics and lightness of devices, new opportunities for tracking hands – all these are factors in the development of technology. And with the development of immersiveness and full immersion in virtual reality, the prevalence of VR is only growing.

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2. Synergy of AR and artificial intelligence

This trend has continued since 2021. Artificial intelligence continues to evolve in all directions, and augmented reality is no exception. First of all, it uses the capabilities of computer vision, which allow AR to better recognize objects in the frame and superimpose extended virtual information on them, for example, trying on clothes or viewing goods in the interior. With computer vision algorithms, the phone camera can better recognize the floor, walls, and objects – as a result, it turns out to correctly position the object.


Virtual avatars are actively developing. For example, virtual avatars have gone further: thanks to technology, it is possible to create a digital copy of a person that will exactly repeat all movements and broadcast them into the virtual world.

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3. AR glasses

This is a trend that everyone has been talking about for a long time, and finally, functional solutions have appeared, for example, HoloLens 2, as well as Chinese counterparts, which are one step behind the flagship but are more cost-effective. The long-awaited release is Apple Glass glasses that will automatically adjust to the user’s vision. It also recently became known that Google is preparing its own AR glasses, the company expects to release them in 2024.




WebAR is a trend that increases the availability of augmented reality for the mass user. Because “installing an app” is a complex targeted action that costs money for the company. WebAR eliminates this step.



WebAR developments have already appeared, standard libraries that allow you to launch the service quickly enough, so the technology will definitely drive development. The 8th Wall WebAR technology supports almost 3 billion smartphones on iOS and Android, that is, it is the most common.


Back in 2020, K5 Factory, in collaboration with Werbung & Film, launched an AR promotional lottery for dairy producer Müller Milchreis. On the yogurt label, customers could find a QR code that launched an AR character. He would open the lid and let you know if the person had won a prize.


5. Metaverse

Someday people will completely move into the metaverse, but this technology is not yet ready, because getting into the metaverse is not so easy. People need to spend a lot of time in this virtual place. To do this, it is necessary to ensure the availability of devices and the Internet, integrate payment services, ensure high image quality, make devices lightweight, and high-performance, and generally think over a world that users will be interested in moving around.

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For now, the metaverse is the hype that the industry needs because without it there will be no investment and attention to the industry. And now, thanks to the attention riveted to the idea, there are more developments, sometimes even useful ones.


Some experts predict a decline in interest in the metaverse by the end of 2022 due to the lack of bright cases. However, after all the improvements, after 2030, this technology will really become widespread.


Perhaps all companies will switch to a remote mode of operation and VR glasses will be issued like a corporate laptop, and meetings will be held every day in virtual reality.

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