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Top 7 Online Calendars for Android for 2024

A calendar app helps you organize your to-dos and make plans visible. There are many online calendars, each with its own unique features. With them, you can see when there’s free time for fun and rest, like playing at Bizzo Casino and watching Netflix, and never miss your deadlines. These are the best tools for Android.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar makes it easy to create reminders, share plans with others, and synchronize data across devices.


The Google Calendar interface is characterized by its concise design, allowing you to easily create, edit, and view scheduled events. The app makes it easy to prioritize and specify additional parameters for entries, such as participants, location, and description.

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Google Calendar provides the ability to keep multiple calendars at the same time, which helps in organizing different aspects of life: work responsibilities and personal matters. You can create separate calendars for memorable dates, leisure time with friends and family, and daily notes.


The tool can send reminders about upcoming events so that you always stay informed about important moments and don’t miss deadlines. Reminders can be customized and received via email, SMS, or app.


In TickTick, you can easily manage to-dos, prioritize tasks, add comments and files to them, and track your progress. Large tasks can be broken down into subtasks for easy completion. This approach helps you better allocate time and effort and avoids procrastination.

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TickTick has a full-fledged online calendar, but access to it is available only with the purchase of a subscription. In the free version, you can only view the schedule for the coming days. The paid version provides synchronization with Google Calendar, although events in the calendar aren’t directly linked to tasks in TickTick projects. The app has useful features for improving personal productivity, such as the Pomodoro Timer, Eisenhower Matrix, and a built-in habit-tracking tool.


It’s a standard online organizer to help manage work tasks and processes. Instead of a classic calendar, Todoist offers an “Upcoming” function that allows you to plan a week ahead.

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This app is equipped with all the necessary tools for task management: you can drag and drop tasks, assign priorities, and add descriptions and labels. In addition, Todoist’s kanban board mode makes it easy to divide your work into stages and allows you to monitor the completion of each task.

Outlook Calendar

With its ability to integrate with other office products from Microsoft, Outlook Calendar is especially popular among companies. The program comes pre-installed on most Windows computers, but it can also be downloaded on iOS and Android.


Outlook Calendar provides synchronization of emails, events, and tasks between Outlook Mail and Microsoft Teams. Thus, you can easily manage your schedule across the three platforms. To use Outlook Calendar, you will need to create a Microsoft account or use an existing Outlook or Office 365 account.

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A useful feature is the ability to create recurring events; this makes planning and time management much easier. You can easily create daily, weekly, or monthly appointments.

Zoho Calendar

This calendar allows you to set reminders for various to-dos and gives you the ability to share your plans with friends, family, and coworkers and edit entries together. You can easily coordinate meetings and choose a time that suits everyone, considering the busyness of other participants.


Synchronization across devices happens automatically when you make changes to your schedule. Different types of reminders are available in the calendar, including emails and in-app pop-up notifications. Several display types are available for viewing the schedule: day, three days, week, and month. Zoho Calendar supports integration with other Zoho products, allowing you to maintain 1 shared calendar in Zoho Projects and Zoho CRM.

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The app allows you to track scheduled tasks in lists, customize workflows on interactive whiteboards, and manage deadlines on your calendar.


The integrated corporate chat makes communication and problem-solving easy. In the app, you can comment on colleagues’ actions, highlight teams or individual contributors, and link cards for faster completion. You can also record content plans, employee goals, and objectives, and then share this information through project sharing.

Nook Calendar

A free digital calendar that allows you to synchronize your data with services like Outlook and Google. This tool promotes clarity and accuracy in organizing schedules and helps you plan appointments and events with ease. Thanks to the People feature, users can see each other’s calendars, making coordination easier. Additionally, the app is compatible with Microsoft Teams and Zoom, so you can organize video conferences right from your calendar.

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