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Casino Cryptocurrency: 2022 Trends

The online casino industry sees incredible growth year after year, and, understandably, the next step in its evolution will be the widespread use of cryptocurrencies.

Gamblers prefer cryptocurrencies as they are safe to use and offer lower fees, as well as increased security compared to traditional banking options.

Let’s dive into the details as the online gambling expert Jettie Oosterveen covers the latest trends and impact of cryptocurrencies on the casino industry in this article.

Increased Legalization of Cryptocurrencies

The crypto world isn’t yet legal in most countries worldwide, and there is no central authority controlling the sector. 2022 may see a change in that, as crypto gambling and cryptocurrencies, in general, are so widespread that there is heavy pressure to start legalizing it.

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Some people even use cryptocurrencies and gamble with VPNs even though it’s not legal in their regions. However, we don’t recommend that if your country doesn’t allow it since nobody can guarantee your safety in that case.

More Online Gambling Markets

Top-class online casinos already offer the option of gambling with cryptocurrencies, with more and more markets at their disposal for them. The latest big country to legalize online gambling was the Netherlands. Therefore, you can find some top online casinos in the region.

Recently, the Netherlands has opened its market for new online casinos, and all gamblers are now allowed to play casino games on the internet. Previously, online gambling had been prohibited in the country, but the introduction of the Remote Gambling Act has changed all that.

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Starting an online casino business isn’t a straightforward process, but there are several new and decent sites that already have obtained gambling licenses from the KSA – the Dutch Gaming Authority. It is expected that crypto gambling in the Netherlands will increase even more with the legalization of online gambling.

NFT Gambling

As far as 2022 trends in gambling go, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will become even more popular. Blockchain has already impacted the gambling industry, and it is widely accepted that NFTs are the next big step.

In some cases, NFTs are the bridge that combines a metaverse with crypto gambling. Every online casino in a metaverse offers a different gambling experience, so you are sure to enjoy it way more in 2022 as the sector keeps developing even further.

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Mobile Gaming and VR Crypto Casinos

Smartphones have been used extensively in recent years for both crypto and flat gambling. The benefits are there to be seen – mobile gambling allows players to play their favorite games from anywhere they want.

Smartphones have become better and more capable, and with the development of new games, we will likely see an increase in quality titles for mobile users in 2022. The legal landscape in the Netherlands is sure to attract many operators. Therefore, Dutch gamblers will see an increase in mobile-friendly casino games.

Probably the most exciting thing is the VR technology. VR will allow you to enjoy top cryptocurrency casinos like a brick and mortar establishment. All of this will be made possible from the comfort of your own home.

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The development of VR will impact all aspects of life, with online gambling being just one. Some game developers have started working on several VR games, so we expect 2022 to be a catalyst for this next trend.

Integration of More Cryptocurrencies

The most common cryptocurrency in online casinos is Bitcoin, but it is not the only one. The vast majority of reputable sites offer Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether, and so on. The list is extensive, but we expect more cryptocurrencies to join the online gambling sector in 2022.

The demand for more cryptos in the Dutch gambling sector will surely increase, and it will be there to respond. People see the benefits cryptos have compared to fiat currencies, so it is a no-brainer that they will demand more.

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Crypto gambling is a trend that will see a significant improvement in 2022. If you are a newbie in the sector, we advise you to look at our recommendations and predictions. Take advantage of the situation, as grasping a trend at the beginning may get you huge returns.

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