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6 Best Tools to Clean Your PC

Surely you have noticed that after a year or two, your computer doesn’t work as fast as when you bought it, and the free disk space mysteriously evaporates somewhere. As a result, even the best sites like National Casino or Amazon stop working as fast as they used to. Most often, this is caused by clogging the system with unnecessary programs and files. Here are the best programs for cleaning your computer, which will help put your system in order in a couple of clicks.


CCleaner is the first program to clean your computer from trash, which you will see in the search engine of your browser. It deserves this place, as it has everything you need to optimize your PC. Even the free version offers a fairly extensive set of features: the application scans the entire system for unnecessary files and programs that affect performance. With CCleaner, you can quickly delete temporary system and application files, empty the recycle garbage can, and clean the cache, cookies, and browser history. Moreover, the program allows you to clean the registry, where errors, invalid settings, and outdated drivers can accumulate, which leads to malfunctions of the entire system. Among the utility’s additional functions are simple uninstallation of installed programs, viewing applications in the system’s autoloader, updating drivers, and searching for duplicate files.

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In the paid Pro version, a function to optimize performance and increase PC autonomy by freezing unnecessary background processes is available. According to the developers, with this option, the computer runs up to 34% faster and up to 30% longer.

Clean Master for PC

Clean Master for PC differs from its analogs in its minimalism and simplicity. In the free version, you can clean unnecessary files and optimize system resources and processes to increase the speed of your PC. The Pro version gives access to automatic cleaning of “junk” files and browser data, as well as the ability to fix and update drivers. Additionally, Pro users can recover accidentally deleted files and completely overwrite files when deleted so that they cannot be recovered in any way.

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Iobit Advanced SystemCare

With Iobit Advanced SystemCare, you can clean your computer of large files, temporary system files, cache, and other data from browsers and unused apps. The utility allows you to view the programs that are loaded into the system and optimize this process so that the computer turns on faster. The free version includes a search for updates to installed apps and drivers. You can also select one of three modes (“Work,” “Play,” and “Save”) to optimize system performance for your needs.


The Pro version includes a RAM management feature, browser optimization to speed up website loading by up to 300%, and cleaning the Windows registry of unnecessary entries. Among the nuances, we note the extremely intrusive advertising of other services during the installation of the utility, so you need to read all the items carefully.

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WinUtilities includes almost 30 modules for optimizing and cleaning your PC. Except that almost all the functions of this tool are available in the paid version. Buying the Pro edition gives you access to cleaning disks from unnecessary files, removing incorrect entries and errors from the registry, defragmenting the disk and registry, optimizing RAM, removing unwanted settings from browsers, and managing application autorun.


There is also an option to split large files into smaller ones and protect files with a password. Conveniently, cleaning and other functions can be scheduled.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities searches for and removes unnecessary files, empty folders, and web browser data, and cleans the registry. But additionally, there is a function to recover lost, damaged, or deleted files. Furthermore, you can identify and uninstall unused programs. There is also the management of autorun applications that slow down Windows booting. With Glary Utilities, you can also back up your registry and the entire system and restore them in case of failure.

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The Pro version of Glary Utilities offers an even deeper system cleanup, a scheduled automatic PC optimization feature, and the removal of all traces of privacy, including browser activity, when Windows shuts down.


Stacer is a versatile program for cleaning and speeding up your computer running the Linux operating system. Stacer gives you full control over your device and system. In particular, it can be used to manage application autoloading, clean the system of unnecessary log files, application cache, and logs, manage installed applications, and edit package repositories for Ubuntu.


The utility also provides data on the computer’s performance and all running processes. There is also the management of system services. But keep in mind that you should use Stacer with caution because you can easily delete important files or close a critical service.

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