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5 Mobile App UI Design Ideas in 2022

Most users judge an app primarily by its appearance. In order to make the product more attractive and modern, you need to work well with the user interface. A huge part of this process is given to the study of design trends.For example, many bookmakers and casinos use animation to attract their clients – you may use National Casino login to check this out.


It is important to keep abreast of new trends and use ideas that can improve the design of your application.


Most concepts are popular for a fairly short time. Design trends quickly replace each other, so focusing on each one, and even more so applying them all, is not necessary at all. Use only what will be useful for your product, focusing on its purpose and scope. We have collected 5 of the most popular mobile app UI trends that are rapidly developing in 2022. It’s time to test them and see which of them will help improve your product:

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Video content has overtaken static graphics in popularity in recent years. Just count how much time each of us spends watching TikTok, YouTube, and other platforms.


The reason for this is pretty obvious. Video content and animations are more engaging and interactive. Unlike flat pictures with long descriptions, animations keep the user’s attention and make the design more attractive.


With the help of an animation, you can highlight important things and place accents. For example, you can animate buttons, icons, and transitions to make user interaction with the application better, easier and clearer.


The animation will help emphasize the uniqueness of the product and increase conversions and sales.

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Go ahead and work with more complex animation: use interesting transitions, and diversify the approach to animation in general. Fortunately, the direction is very developed, and you can find a real professional.


Depth in chart

Flat and static graphics can be more understandable until users get bored. People like to see more live content.


Shadows and layers in graphics give them a 3D effect, volume, and depth, so people can enjoy more realistic images.


This trend can be applied to any element, creating a hierarchy of objects on the screen and helping the user navigate the application more easily.

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Dark mode

The dark mode is one of the most popular design trends and is already widely used.


Developers provide the ability to switch between standard mode and dark mode in apps. So users can choose what they like best.


Dark mode colors the background black/dark and makes fonts and other elements light/white instead.


Dark mode has long been available in the most popular applications, such as Facebook. Switching to dark mode helps people reduce eye strain and make it easier to navigate.


AR and VR

Virtual reality and augmented reality give you an incredible opportunity to plunge into another world right on your mobile device. The trend has become popular, especially during the quarantine, when people sitting in their homes were looking for an alternative to their usual hobbies.

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Next year, this magical trend will only continue to develop. The peculiarity is that the interface of the application makes you feel like you are inside the application. The key to this effect is interesting design elements and gamification.


Do you remember those filters from Instagram that allowed us to place different characters anywhere, just through the app and the camera? Then you know how funny and interesting it is. Moreover, it can be not only fun but also effective. For example, IKEA used AR to show how furniture would look in different places in your apartment.


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Comfortable visual content and minimalism

The design of mobile applications should not be just beautiful, it should be convenient and easy to understand.


During the day we are chained to our screens and by the evening we feel tired and stressed. To reduce this negative effect, application developers create designs that will be convenient for us.


The concept of comfortable visual design is to use natural colors, soothing images, and simple templates. These techniques are usually found on meditation apps. They include live photos of nature in soothing colors and light elements with a simple structure.


Users love the clean, concise design. Minimalism makes it easier to understand the content and interact with the application, bringing functionality to the fore.

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