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Yard Sale Signs – How to Design Them for Better Performance 

When you own a small business, advertising it and its products and services can be a challenge because of the limitations of the budget. When you want to advertise your business locally, a yard sign can be one of the most effective methods. It can be easily used by you regardless of your industry or business niche. It means that a bakery can use it as productively as an apparel store or an outlet selling furnishings. Since they are light, portable, and versatile, you can use them to advertise virtually everything you need to attract customers. Some handy tips to make your sign design more effective:

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Keep the Message Simple and Brief

You must keep in mind that people will look at your yard signs as they are passing by on foot or in a car, which means that they need to read and understand your message at a glance. When the message is convoluted and long, likely, potential customers will not be able to read and understand it fully before they move on. You should try to keep the message simple and direct, and preferably restrict the number of words to around five. It may seem difficult, but crafting a short message can mean the difference between a yard sign that works and one that doesn’t.

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Ensure Legibility 

Because the typical yard sign is not too big, your message may look crowded and difficult to read from a distance. Also, the font size may not be adequate to be read at a glance, especially when they are passing by in a car. Try experimenting with the font size by printing your message on paper and finding if it is legible from the typical distance customers will see it. The typeface you use can also make a difference in how well people can read the message on your yard sale signs. It is better to use clean and simple fonts instead of serif or fancy calligraphic typefaces in the interest of legibility. Space out the characters adequately and use typefaces that are thick and bold, not thin. If you are using a graphic in the background, make sure it is not very complicated as it will look messy from a distance. Keep the color scheme simple and make sure that there is a sharp contrast between the text and the background. Keeping as much as possible white space helps readability.

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Include a Call-to-Action

The reason why you are putting up a yard sign is to promote your business and encourage walk-ins. Potential customers may not take the action you desire them to initiate unless you include a compelling call-to-action, according to Semrush. CTAs like Visit Now, Call Now, etc., can work wonders in boosting your conversion rates. Often a simple device like an arrow pointing in the direction of your store can be very effective.


Because a yard sign is as simple as you can get for advertising, many people tend to discount its effectiveness. However it is because of its unobtrusiveness, you can place it in high-visibility areas for driving traffic. Yard signs are inexpensive and require little maintenance, and deliver a high return on investment.

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