March 2


What You Should Look For In An Online Teaching App

Internet is a wonderful thing and people have used it rightfully to their advantage. When the pandemic first started, people were confused about how they would carry on their day-to-day activities with the help of with Internet, but as days went by they were able to come up with plausible solutions that were much better than the traditional offline means. One such comfort was the availability of online education, and websites or applications. In a sea of so many applications, if you are a student wondering how to choose the best software for online teaching you have landed up in the right place!

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The interface is the most important thing, if you click on a website or application, and it isn’t worth using, you wouldn’t feel comfortable learning from it. Consider the following features to make a decision that can improve the quality of your online education;


  • Class timing flexibility

The number one reason why most students select the means of online teaching, tutoring, and education is that they would like a flexible time for themselves. This is mostly true for professional courses because people have full-time jobs, and are employed in such a way that their jobs do not allow them to study during the day, during the night, or in the evening.

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A lot of websites and apps have the option of selecting different types of time gaps. Some of these courses are also extended into a year because of the same time flexibility concept. Considered a baking course which is supposed to last only six months, but since the amount of syllabus which has to be covered during six months is divided into half because classes can be taken only on certain days of the week, students are divided into different batches so that they can join either of the courses as per their convenience.


  • Availability of offline videos and notes

The thing about students is that someone on the other will be missing their classes once in a while. It is expected that there might be some unforeseen circumstances that lead to a student not attending any particular class. There are two reasons why there must be offline classes available, and the teacher should record every class;

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  • Instead of taking hours of revision classes, the teacher can refer these videos to the students so that they can have a fresh view of the topic once again.
  • It is easier for students to understand basic concepts because one single gap can lead them to not understand the next few concepts.


But if there is a constant system of uploading all the live classes in the learning management system, students will take this for granted and try to stretch out their time by not attending any classes at all and simply going through the offline ones which they can download. This comes to the concept of paid offline videos because this no one understands the value or importance of something when it is provided to them free of cost, leniency is never good when it is carried out continuously. Teachers can give access to offline videos only a few times, and if it is required more than the mentioned number of times, students can avail the premium version.

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  • Student and parent support

Student and parent support is something that concerns the permission of a teacher. Whenever a teacher conducts classes, they are concerned about the progress report because this guarantee is the success rate of every student. If the students are at a level where the teachers can simply talk to their parents, they must have a separate protocol for it which is necessary to follow, as is informed at the beginning of each session.


Parent support is not possible when people are learning professional courses, you cannot ask a 22-year-old student to inform their parent about their bad grade since they are capable of monitoring themselves. Teachers must provide all the support that is needed in a separate chat room to allow the student to not be embarrassed in front of all the others students present in Group chat rooms.

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  • Feedback

The best app to teach online is one that considers the perspectives of parents and students too. Teachers can never always figure out what the students might feel comfortable with, because of the huge generation gap. They can fill this gap by asking the students themselves, besides there are other advantages to feedback;


  • Newer introduction of teaching procedures.
  • Increases the experience of the teacher as well as students of dealing with different kinds of situations in a classroom.
  • Mutual learning can be favored.


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