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Tutanota Security

Sensitive data passes between mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, and tablet devices. It is no surprise that customers have become sharply aware of the privacy concerns that have recently plagued conventional email providers. Tutanota.com/security is one of the strongest secure email providers available, allowing users to benefit from an unparalleled level of encryption. Tutonota claims that it is the world’s most secure email provider, with an ease of use that allows regular users to benefit from this increased privacy.

Security Features

Tutanota has many security features, which makes it one of the most popular European email providers.

  1. End-to-end encryption

Encrypted Emails

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Tutanota encrypts emails end-to-end with symmetric (AES 128) and asymmetric (AES 128 / RSA 2048) encryption. All emails are instantly end-to-end encrypted once both stakeholders use Tutanota (asymmetric encryption). A password for encrypting and decrypting the email (symmetric encryption) must be conveyed once for an encrypted email to an outer recipient.

Encrypted Mailbox

Tutanota stores the entire mailbox, including email messages, address book, and calendar end-to-end encrypted. The only unencrypted data are using personal emails, as well as senders and receivers of emails. When you enter your login details, your inbox is instantly decrypted domestically on your device. Users can easily log in using the Tutanota apps for Android and iOS, the internet browser, or the Tutanota computer clients for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

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Zero Knowledge Calendar

Tutanota includes an end-to-end data encryption calendar that allows you to store all of your appointments securely. The calendar is an amazing accomplishment because it is not only all data encrypted but also the notifications. Even the time when a notification is delivered to the user is hidden from our servers, so we are unaware of our users’ appointments.

It is critical to encrypt these notifications for your privacy and safety. Tutanota alerts are delivered to the user’s device when a particular appointment is set to occur. If this data were not secured, Tutanota as the supplier would have complete access to the user’s data as well as all of the information in the notification.

  1. TLS Encryption
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Tutanota uses TLS, Perfect Forward Secrecy, DNSSEC, DKIM, DMARC, and MTA-STS in addition to its automatic end-to-end encryption to maximize the security of your relation to Tutanota. Tutanota employs a strict CSP (Content Security Policy), an HTML sanitizer for displaying unidentified content, and doesn’t load external content from other web servers by default.

  1. Login Protection

Tutanota provides login protection to its users by hashing and salting the password before sending it to the server. Tutanota.com/security uses bcrypt and SHA256 to protect your password. Tutanota allows you to activate two-factor verification to further protect your login details. TOTP or U2F can be used for this. It suggests using U2F in conjunction with a security device because it’s the safest method of two-factor authentication.

  1. One Password
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Each Tutanota mailbox has its private key, which is used to automate the interaction of encrypted emails. This personal key is generated locally on your device and encoded with your passcode when you register with Tutanota. Tutanota can then automate the entire encryption process while never having access to your key. A certain level of a strong password is required to ensure that your secret key can encrypt your sensitive emails. As a result, Tutanota does not allow registration with a weak password. You might need your recovery code to reset your password. Tutanota.com/security does not provide password resets via email because they are insecure.

  1. GDPR-compliant email service
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Tutanota is founded on the data privacy principles of “data minimization” and “privacy by design,” and all consumer information is stored end-to-end encrypted in Tutanota except for user email addresses as well as senders and recipients of emails. Tutanota.com has technical and organizational safeguards in place to protect your data as much as possible. Tutanota security service is an excellent choice for a secure email solution due to its built-in encryption and ability to send encrypted emails to any person receiving them in the world. According to the GDPR, businesses must always safeguard personal data, even if it is sent via email.

  1. No tracking, No Ads
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Its marketing strategy is distinct from that of most email services. It cannot scan your email messages due to encryption. It doesn’t track your movements, and it does not deliver personalized advertisements to your inbox. Tutanota does not log IP addresses by default when you log in or send an email. Even when you register using Tor, you are not required to provide personal details (for example, no phone number). Tutanota.com/security removes IP addresses from email headers to secure your location information.

Privacy Setup in Germany

The European Union’s (EU) data privacy regulations are some of the strictest in the world. Germany has one of the strict regulations of any European member state, the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz). The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was largely modeled after Germany’s Federal Data Protection Act. This law is there to protect Internet service users. It gives the user control over what happens with their data: Companies are not permitted to collect personal details without the express permission of a person (=you) (e.g. name, date of birth, IP address).

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Data Stored in Germany

Tutanota stores all data end-to-end encrypted on its servers in ISO 27001-certified data centers in Germany. Tutanota servers are only accessible to permanent administrators, who must first pass multiple-factor authentication. All productive systems are constantly monitored for unauthorized access and unusual activity.

With all the details explained above, we can easily say that Tutanota is one of most secured email providers of the world. You can find more information on Tutanota’s security here.

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