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Why We Have Nightmares and How to Get Rid of Them

Nightmares, like dreams in general, are a difficult field for science. We can only learn about dreams from the narrative of the person who had them, but we have no way to record the plot of the dream with the help of instruments. Still, doctors help patients find the cause of nightmares and get rid of them.Moreover, dreams may be based on movies that the person has watched, games played at, or on anticipated events.


Let’s find out where intrusive bad dreams come from, whether they can be considered an illness and how to get rid of them.

What Are Nightmares Based on

The plot of a nightmare, like any other dream, can be related to the events that the person experienced during the day.

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Sometimes it isn’t the events of the day that may be influenced, but discomfort in the body, such as a person dreaming of suffocation because he or she has his or her nose in a pillow at night, or being shot in the leg in a dream, while it’s cramped in reality.


However, the connection with real incidents may not always be apparent. Many psychologists believe that dreams are broadcast by our unconscious. That is, we don’t see specific events, but our experiences or inner problems, sometimes allegorically. If we see a particular object, it can be too big or small, or if it’s something moving, it can be too slow or too fast.

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Disorder is considered a recurring scary dreams, often with a similar plot, from which a person wakes up in terror, screaming or crying. But rare nightmares, especially in childhood, aren’t considered a problem. However, they shouldn’t be confused with night terrors – these are similar to sleepwalking episodes of intense fear accompanied by screaming.

Do You Have Nightmares if You Read the News at Night?

The cause of a nightmare can be any experience that the person experienced during the day. Whether it’s problems in life, disturbing news, or a horror movie.


One of the most effective ways to get rid of nightmares in children and teenagers is to control that they don’t use gadgets or watch television a few hours before sleep. For adults, this advice is also relevant.

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How to Get Rid of Bad Dreams on Your Own

Watch What Information You Consume

Nightmares are provoked not so much by the plot of movies or news, but by the excitement of the nervous system. It tends to be associated with the emotional presentation of information, the rapid development of events and changing scenes, and a lot of data.


Therefore, at least one to two hours before going to sleep, limit viewing TV, media, social networks and the Internet in general. Moreover, it’s worth analyzing how much time per day you spend consuming disturbing content. If necessary, this time should be reduced.

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Eliminate Causes

Eliminate possible causes of discomfort in the bedroom:

  • Adjust the temperature and humidity.
  • Reduce the noise level.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with your mattress, pillow and blanket. If not, you should change your bedding to one that suits you.

Analyze Your Worries

Think about what unresolved issues, external and internal conflicts may be causing your nightmares. Work through them.

Who Should You Turn to if the Nightmares Don’t Go Away?

If you cannot cope with intrusive dreams yourself, this is a reason to seek help from a psychologist or psychotherapist. Especially if we are talking about frequent nightmares with a recurring theme: a psychologist will help to work through the problem, which through dreams makes itself felt.

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