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Lewin’s change theory and what it tries to achieve

Change management is how human beings embrace, accept and deal with change is the essence of modern change management. Currently the Lewin s change theory does receive some flaks where it is really simplistic and not able to cope up with change in a proper way. There are a series of steps that enable to view change in a realistic manner.

More about a 3 change model of change?

Lewin was of the opinion that a change in the behaviour of an individual did point to a perceived change in group behaviour. Any force that has an impact on the group structure, has an impact on the individual’s ability to change. Hence the field has a vital role to play in the change process.

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The model goes on to describe Status quo as the present situation as the proposed change needs to be reinstated into future behaviour.  So as to understand group behaviour along with the behaviour of individuals there is a need to evaluate the complexity in this field. It is referred to as the field theory that is widely used to describe the change models in details. There are three stages of change as follows


This is the stage where human behaviour is identified and this is in relation to change. It is a state of mental and physical so that the mind may evolve without attaining the capacity. An example is that of a contagious disease that may spread in a population and measures are to be adopted to resist its spread. Though with medical advancement the disease can be treated and is going to disappear soon from the population.

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Lewin is of the opinion that change follows similar resistance, but group does force an individual to embrace the change. Even emotional stir up may disturb the group dynamics along with the forces of self- rightness. Though there are various ways to shake up the status quo. In fact you would look to consider whether you want the change in yourself or the company as a whole.


After the status quo is unfrozen, now is the time for you to implement the change. The change that takes place in an organization is complex, and even execution of a well- planned change does not assure viable results. Hence it is necessary to develop a variety of change options from the planned stage of the trial and error options. With each attempt at change it is better if you go on to examine the change and have an idea of what worked and what did not.

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During the process of evaluation, there are two vital things of a successful and long term effectiveness relating to the process of change implementation. An information flow points to the sharing of information within multiple levels of an organizational module. Leadership on the other hand is the influence of certain individuals in a group to achieve common goals. if the change is to be well planned it requires a vision and motivation to drive the same. Such an iterative approach is also necessary to bring about a change.


The objective of the final step is to refreeze which is to sustain the change that you have acted. Here the goal of the people who are involved is to consider this new form of status as a new status quo, since they are no longer going to resist forces that call for a change. The activities, strategies along with group actions all point to a change.

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if there are no proper steps which sustains and reinforces the change, the dominant behaviour earlier tends to come to the fore. There may arise a need to consider both formal and informal mechanisms for implementation and freeze those changes. You need to consider one single factor that may be circumulative enough to bring all the other forces to rest. The use of such strong steps will ensure that the things do come back to the routine self.

This stage of the model provides an idea on how changes takes places. A point to consider is modern day change management does not work for specific user cases.

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