February 15


Instagram stats you must focus on for quick growth.

Instagram started as a beautiful photography-sharing platform to a social media platform now a part of Facebook. Ever since Facebook bought Instagram, it has implemented many changes. Many marketers have been using the platform regularly to engage with new customers, strengthen the existing relationships and develop a significant brand identity.


Instagram has a huge user base because of which it is extremely engaged. If you know your customers and you can provide them with help, then it is the ideal location for you to spend your time in. However, to grow and be noticed, you will need many followers. You can buy real Instagram users from Famoid. Famoid provides real and active Instagram users as your followers. When you decide to purchase followers from Famoid, they will ask for your niche and your user account. The niche will help them provide you with followers were interested in the same topics as you. This will help boost your engagement rates. When Instagram sees an increase in your followers and engagement rates, it will further promote your posts to a wider audience.

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According to blogging.org, the Instagram growth stats over the past year has shown a huge increase. Increasing number of people are flocking to Instagram to either look for their favorite brands, find out what is up in their favorite celebrity’s life, keep tabs on friends and families, purchase products, sell products, build brand presence, grow as an influencer, etc.


Therefore, if you are growing your brand identity on Instagram, you need to have a lot of followers. Accounts that have a lot of followers are seen as trustworthy by the audience, and they get more followers. Therefore, if you do not have many followers, it will be very difficult for you to grow on Instagram and establish your brand identity.

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Only getting a large number of followers does not guarantee that you will build your brand presence on Instagram. To successfully grow your brand and Instagram, you must also focus on other factors like:


Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to every post. The company that has mastered the art of using hashtags will grow quickly compared to the ones that do not. The average number of hashtags that are used in an Instagram post is 10. If you learn hashtag research well, you can steadily boost your impression level.


Most individuals spend at least 30 minutes of their time on Instagram. Therefore, make sure that you are posting at a time when your user base is active on Instagram. If you don’t know when users are active on Instagram, you can either use the Instagram insights tool, or you can use the Facebook meta-business suite tool. It would be even better if you were active on Instagram during that time so that any questions could be answered quickly. This will further help boost brand identity.

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The most effective strategy to grow on Instagram, according to the experts, is to engage with your followers. Engaging is the strategy that works best to enhance the overall brand engagement. You can do this by either sending your followers a direct message, leaving a comment or writing comments on their posts. This method takes advantage of the time that the user spends on Instagram. There is a chance that they will notice your gesture and reciprocate the interaction.


For more tips and tricks visit quizsite.com. This website will tell you how you can provide the best comments to your audience on Facebook and Instagram and, in return, boost engagement on your own profile.

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