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Latest Trends In Household Matters

Digitization has long since arrived in the household. No, it is not necessarily about TV sets or speakers, because these are now simply involved and not in charge. It is also not always about a screen to enjoy TonyBet. Other practical digital helpers give much more pleasure in the home and help in everyday life. But what trends can be identified around smart technology?


Robot vacuum cleaners are getting better and better

It’s probably the digital trends that most people first claim they’ll never need, and then never want to do without. Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming more sophisticated with each generation and have long since ceased to operate on the chaos principle:

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Mapping – modern robots create a map that can eventually be marked by the owner. This makes it possible to send the robot specifically to the kitchen or to mark individual areas as off-limits.


Two-in-one – vacuum robots are available with an integrated mopping function. These devices take on two unloved jobs in one operation. However, they still have the disadvantage that all vacuum-mop combinations have. The cleanliness is not top.


Collusion – if you have both a vacuuming robot and a mopping robot, you have devices that talk to each other. The vacuuming robot gets going, shortly thereafter the mopping robot gets going – and just where the vacuuming robot is already done.

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Recognition – most devices can recognize it when no one is home. However, this is only successful if the app is installed on the smartphone and the function has been switched on. Now the robot activates as soon as the owner leaves the perimeter of the house and returns to the station when the owner returns.


However, even the best vacuuming and mopping robots continue to be a bit overwhelmed with the daily grind if the owner does not help out. Either areas on the map are made off-limits or areas are blocked off with magnetic tape, or else, the owner has to clean up a bit beforehand. Very few robots can handle children’s and pets’ toys, often getting tangled up in the rolls. Likewise, spilled food or animal droppings are problematic: The device has to be cleaned afterward at great expense.

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In short: If enough small change is available, many things are already possible today. However, some trends exceed the usual financial framework, because who has the money to spare to convert everything from the person-recognizing locking system to the last socket? Nevertheless, some trends should be presented:


Fully networked – a fully networked house is the smart home par excellence. The door already recognizes who enters and unlocks the profile accordingly. Applied to a home, this means that everything is available to the parents when they enter, except for the drawer that the partner wants to keep secret. The children, on the other hand, have no chance to boot up the console or the TV after school – or to use the Internet on their device. Cleaning staff can also be blocked from access in this way. With cameras, drones that now fly around the house and keep an eye on things while you’re away, alarm systems and time-of-day profiles, virtually anything can be set up. And: If the house is left, the stove and oven are guaranteed to switch off.

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Plug&Play – simplicity has also arrived in the smart home. More and more elements can be integrated via Plug&Play. The prerequisite is that the standard matching the hub is selected. In addition, a new wireless standard for smart homes is to emerge.

AI in the device – until now, the AI was in the cloud. The problem is, then nothing is accessible when the WLAN connection breaks down. Meanwhile, the AI chips move directly into the devices, alternatively basic functions are offered at the base station. This way, at least switching on and off in case of a failure works.


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Smart displays – this is already possible with the Echo Show anyway, but another focus is on making the smart home devices visible. Equipped with display, they can be mounted on the wall and give users the option of video chats right alongside.


Learning function – smart houses or apartments will learn from their occupants in the future. Someone gets up at a certain time, always makes himself a coffee and then opens the patio door? In the future, the house could take over some factors on its own. This also applies to the bathroom, because a wet room that thinks for itself will regulate the temperature or the light perfectly.

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