February 28


Why do brands prefer Instagram over other popular social media platforms?

Social media is witnessing a massive growth each year and that is because more and more people are getting attached to social media on a regular basis. They can make use of social media to make the most fruitful connection with potential leads. However, even in this crowd, there is one particular platform that has managed to leave all its competitors behind. Any guesses which platform it is? Well, it is undoubtedly Instagram.


Instagram has managed to outshine other social media channels within a very short span of time. There are endless opportunities for you to make connections on Instagram. It is also quite easy for you to wolk on Instagram. You do not require a lot of technical knowledge in order to use the app. So, here we are with a few reasons why Instagram has managed to leave behind all its competitors.

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Increased brand reach: With Instagram, you will easily be able to reach out to your target audience and bring about massive success to your business. Instagram is always coming up with new algorithms by means of which you will be able to reach out to your audience and do your business in an effective way. Instagram has millions of monthly advertisers. There is also a greater scope of making success on Instagram because of its less competition. You can also make use of Instagram reels to create an overnight sensation for your brand.


Improved visibility with better visual content: As you all know, Instagram is a visual platform and on Instagram, you get to communicate with people by means of visual content. This is one of the reasons why marketers prefer using Instagram for social media marketing. You will be able to convey your message in a much better way using Instagram. Instagram news feed is also filled with interactive visuals. You can also take the help of an Instagram scheduling tool in order to share visual content on your channel on a regular basis. You may even buy real social media followers from famoid.

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Better engagement rate: Did you know that there are over 500 million people who use Instagram activity on a regular basis? However, it is just not the number of people that make brands flock to Instagram. Instead, it is the capability of Instagram to generate leads with a high engagement rate. You can make use of micro-influencers to improve the engagement rate on Instagram. You can also make use of Instagram stories and Instagram reels in order to draw the attention of the people. However, in order to make use of Instagram influencers, you should be careful about the choice of influencer. Go for one specific influencer who has been posting content in your niche for a long time.

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Generate high conversion rate: No matter what kind of business you are running on Instagram, boosting conversation should be your topmost priority because social media can get you a lot of leads and referrals. The conversion rate of Instagram is over 1%. Also, the referral traffic is really high. So, you can make use of Instagram in order to generate a high conversion rate. This is going to give you a lot of customers and if your customers find your brand to be of some value to them, then they will keep visiting your channel for more content and updates on products and services.

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These are some of the reasons behind the massive popularity of Instagram. You can also click here to visit omg blog and acquire a lot of information from there.


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