August 22


Why Buy Penis Envy Mushroom for Your Next Psychedelic Trip?

One of the most potent and sought-after cubensis strains worldwide is Penis Envy (PE) mushrooms. They are more than just a playfully named variety. Because PE mushrooms produce up to 50% more psilocybin than most other Psilocybe cubensis strains, they are one of the most potent mushrooms available.


If you are interested in a psychedelic trip that will give you an otherworldly experience, then Penis Envy mushrooms are your choice. They are the type of shroom that psychonauts will go crazy on its effects.


But penis envy is not the only shroom that yields a high amount of psilocybin and psilocin. Other magic mushroom strains are as potent as penis envy and its derivative albino penis envy mushrooms.

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All About Penis Envy Mushrooms


You can either find these mushrooms in the wild or buy them online. If you want to find powerful mushrooms, you need to know how they look.


As the name implies, the mushroom has a phallic shape resembling the male genitalia. It’s this appearance that made the shroom easily recognizable from other strains.


It has a thick, dense, bulbous shaft with an underdeveloped cap. The fruits are shorter and dense but can be significant in size.


When it’s on its dried version, they do maintain their thick stem, so sometimes they can be identified easier than other shrooms.

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Of course, it is not only the appearance that makes it stand out. The mushrooms’ effects are why shroom users indulge in them.


It produces an intense and profound psychedelic trip since it has one of the world’s strongest and most potent mushroom strains regarding psychoactive potential. The psychedelic community is aware of its ability to produce a profoundly immersive psychedelic experience.


An intense sense of happiness and discovery are some of the effects you may have when trying this strain. You may also experience deep philosophical ideas, exceptional mental clarity, immense delight, and a new outlook on personal issues. It has been claimed that some people have felt satisfied and relaxed as a result.

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Even in small amounts, it can induce hallucinations. That’s why beginners are required to start low. Meanwhile, caution is insisted on users of high doses.

How to Consume


With its effects and how much psychedelic trip you might enjoy to pass your time, you’ll want to try them. Here’s how you can consume your potent shrooms on hand:


For beginners, you have to start low. Consume doses from 1 to 1.5 grams. It’s enough to give you a mild euphoric experience that is not overwhelming.


You can consume the mushroom like other strains. You can brew tea, eat edibles, ingest them raw, or try microdosing.

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Lemon Tek


For an intensified trip, users can try Lemon Tek. It’s similar to brewing tea; instead, you’ll have to use lemon to replace water.


Psilocybin is destroyed outside the body by the acid in lemons. As a result, psilocybin is transformed into psilocin. Due to the presence of the hallucinogen psilocin in the drink, the effects are amplified after consumption.


When you plan to use this method, use half the dosage you regularly use. Since it is potent, you’ll need to lower your dose when using Lemon Tek.

Other Benefits


Aside from the unique psychedelic experience, PE has an incredible effect on a person’s mental health. The psilocybin component of the shroom is responsible for the beneficial effects.

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PE and other magic mushrooms are proven to effectively manage and treat patients and their mental health. Prestigious institutions have discovered how its effect can lower the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and more.


The treatment with psilocybin is considered a breakthrough therapy. In Canada, treatment with psilocybin is now starting to gain recognition.


January 2022, Health Canada allowed healthcare professionals to request treatment for patients with severe drug and treatment-resistant mental illnesses. The request is forwarded to the Special Access Program for Psychedelic therapy.


In May 2022, the largest psilocybin growing facility in the world opened in Canada. The Optima Health in Princeton, BC, is where legal psilocybin mushrooms are cultivated. The company aims to make psilocybin accessible and break the stigma surrounding using magic mushrooms.

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With this continuous acceptance of mushrooms as a treatment, there will come a time that mushrooms like Penis Envy and other strains won’t be restricted. Maybe someday, it will be legal and much more accessible like cannabis.

Enjoy the Potency


With the enhanced psychedelic experience and mental health benefits of PE, you won’t resist trying it. You can now indulge in its effect even in small doses. Or, you can go tripping to experience a profound impact with intense visuals and a feeling of connectedness in high doses.


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