February 28


What is Local SEO and Why Your Miami Business Needs It

Did you know that 85% of Americans go online daily? And among those people, 31% say that they are constantly online. That shows that even though the physical location of your business might be doing well, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of your online presence.

Miami is a leader in finance and various other fields. It sparks economic growth by providing many services for all types of businesses. To set up a standard position in this place, one needs to elevate the business options to become visible in a developing country.

That is why you’ll need an excellent local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to ensure that even your local online customers are also right by your doorstep. And who better to come up with a tailor-made plan to align with your new business strategy than a miami seo agency. This agency helps to increase the visibility of your business online. Their formulated approach helps business prospects in Miami and delivers good results for big and small entrepreneurs.

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What is a local SEO?

Businesses with a physical site can benefit from local SEO. SEOs can help you become visible online. But, if you try to do a Google search for any relevant keywords relating to your business and three listings with a map appear (this is a map pack), then local SEO will help your business grow.

Before getting into detail about your local SEO, take a closer look at how Google works.

Google Index

All know that search engines allow users to find their needs on the internet as efficiently as possible. Searching a word or a phrase will have you matched with all the relevant websites.

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However, did you know that Google doesn’t search the entirety of the internet every time you use it? Instead, it uses a stored copy of all the sites it has already discovered for a quicker result. And this is called the Google Index.

Google uses small programs, which programmers call spiders, to help create the index. These spiders crawl to a website and look at all the links on the page. Once finished, these pages are kept in the Google servers, making for the index.

Google Search Results

When Google checks that index for your search, it will instantly rank thousands of websites in a blink of an eye. Google matches you with organic results based on prominence, popularity, and relevance.

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Here is where your local SEO comes into play. The organic search results may determine the results of a Google search, but the algorithms also figured out that people seek certain types of businesses within their immediate area.

Google’s local search algorithm includes taking into account your location plus local keywords. So when a user doesn’t have a detail in the vicinity or city name in their search, it locates your current location and offers you what it finds in your current area.

Take, for example, when you’re at work and want food delivered. When you search ‘burger delivery,’ Google shows a list of burger joints near your local within its SERPS or Seach Engine Results Page. The results will change if you search from a different location.

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The goal of an optimized local SEO is for your business to penetrate the local website rankings and the local map pack results. Now, the challenge for marketers is to know where your business should focus on to create effective results.

Get Your Local SEO Strategy Started

Your understanding of SEO basics and how Google ranks local search results go hand in hand. You’ll need a local miami seo agency to figure out the ever-changing trends within the area for your digital footprint to grow effectively.

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