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Website Redesign and Businesses Need It

The site is where users make his first impression of the company. Often a decrease in traffic is observed on those pages where there are certain problems. This in turn leads to the loss of old and potential new customers and reduces the company’s income. So, let’s find out if you need to redesign your website and make it as user-friendly as a Vave login page or leave everything as it is.

What Is a Website Redesign

The term “redesign” usually refers to the improvement or technical upgrading of the website, updating the content and options on it. Here is what happens after redesign:

  • Redesigning and updating web content.
  • Changing the structure of the site.
  • Expansion of functionality.
  • Cleaning the website from unclaimed content.
  • Eliminating unnecessary options.
  • Improving technical parameters.
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These steps allow you to accelerate the loading of the resource, properly distribute the necessary information, eliminate errors and duplicate web-pages.


Every resource has a common structure consisting of three sections: the main page, internal sections that are navigated from the main web page, as well as links on the second and subsequent levels of tabs. If the redesign fails, traffic is often lost because it isn’t always convenient for users to search for the desired information or product through a large number of links. This leads to a loss of customers and the profits they could have brought. Therefore, it’s important not to forget about usability features.

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How to Understand That the Site Needs a Design Update

If you understand how to improve the design and functionality of the site, you need to start with understanding the problems. Usually they appear in a number of the most common factors.


What kind of site needs to be updated:

  • The visuals and functionality are outdated.
  • Users are complaining about the usability of the site, its poor quality.
  • It’s necessary to update the corporate identity of the company, to rebrand, to create a new image of the business.
  • New areas of the brand are expected to be opened.
  • Incorrect display of pages and blocks on the mobile version of the site has been recorded.
  • Decrease in financial indicators.
  • A change in contextual advertising strategy is required.
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In all of these cases, it requires key specialists to work with web designers to rework the content, bring it to a common standard according to user requests, and help increase the number of leads.

How a Redesign Will Help

It’s worth wondering why to update the site. Naturally, in order for the redesign to be carried out according to the requirements and standards of the modern user, it’s necessary to clearly set goals for such an update:

  • Increase the number of unique visitors.
  • Increase of conversion operations.
  • Development of an advanced UI (user interface), taking into account the stylistics and visuals.
  • Improvement of the website, its functionality, etc.
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During the redesign, you need to analyze the site for errors, technical deficiencies, redo the layout, develop a modern UI design, add relevant blocks. If necessary, update the CMS system and solve other tasks.

Mistakes in Site Redesign

Conducting an upgrade of the website, many are faced with the same mistakes. As a result, the site not only doesn’t bring the desired profit and traffic but also worsens its position.


The main mistakes of redesign include:

  • Choosing a contractor with a cheap price tag. It’s important to understand that the site is first of all the face of the company or brand. Customers use it to form their first impression of the organization. Therefore, the best solution is to choose a specialized agency, not a freelancer.
  • Unformulated goals. Often, when the client can not clearly articulate the purpose of the redesign, it’s likely that there is no need for modernization. So you can easily waste money without obtaining positive results: the conversion rate won’t increase, the rating at best remains at the same level.
  • Ignoring users’ opinions. Even before the update should ask for feedback on the shortcomings of the site and what can be improved. So you can determine exactly what should be fixed and added.
  • Starting a redesign without preparation. Before the start of modernization work, you need to conduct a thorough audit to determine and assess the front end of the work, to prioritize it.
  • One-step launch after the update. This applies to resources with high attendance. In the absence of a phased introduction of updates in users may be stressed by the new interface, hidden bugs may appear. All this will affect the position in the search engine, as well as the relevance of the resource. It’s proven that with such upgrades, some users often move on to competitors.
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When carrying out modernization necessarily take into account the amount of attendance of the resource, the redesign features and other factors. Proper selection of experts for this work can significantly save customers money, as well as improve the performance of the resource without losing the flow of loyal users.

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