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The Cheapest 4K Monitors to Buy in 2023

A powerful computer wont work without a high-quality monitor. The advanced solution is the 4K models, which are great for playing Cookie Casino games, working with graphics, and watching movies in high quality. If before they were too expensive, now the situation has changed. There are dozens of models on the market, and some of them are budget.

How to Choose a 4K Monitor

Look at the following criteria and parameters:

The optimal diagonal of these displays is 28-32 inches. The image is clear, saturated, and high detail. Pixels aren’t visible even at close range.


The standard refresh rate for 4K monitors is 60 Hz, but now on the market, 144 Hz models are available. Another thing to consider here is the connectors that are used in the connection. Certain of them are not able to support above 60 Hz. The optimal choice is HDMI and DisplayPort. And they must have the latest version – 2.1 and 2.0, respectively.

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The Best 4K Inexpensive Monitors

Philips 278B1

It’s a 27 inch 4K monitor with a refresh rate of 75 Hz. It has speakers, power-saving features. It has a sensor, which registers the presence of the user.

A LightSensor sensor is responsible for brightness. Only in this case, it takes into account ambient light. It provides a quality picture in all conditions, reducing the strain on the eyes.


The maximum brightness is 350 cd/m2 and matrix response time is 4 ms. HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, USB 3.1. There is even a headphone port.



  • Automatic brightness adjustment.
  • Good color rendering.
  • Comfortable brightness margin.
  • Presence option.
  • Reasonable cost.
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According to user reviews, some copies may have incorrect backlighting. Accordingly, it’s worth carefully checking the selected monitor before buying.


ASUS in the past couple of years has made significant strides in the market of budget monitors due to the TUF series. A striking representative is the VG289Q. It has a bright design and easy operation. Its main feature is a 28 inch IPS matrix. Its brightness is above average 350 cd / m2. There are useful options, such as FreeSync, Shadow Boost. The refresh rate is 60 Hz. Of course, for top games, this isn’t enough, but for comfortable work, it’s enough.

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In general, VG289Q is a good budget monitor. It provides high-quality images with high detail and color reproduction. The matrix response time is only 4 ms. The stand allows you to set the monitor in a comfortable position.



  • IPS matrix.
  • Powerful stand.
  • Fast mode switching.
  • Excellent color rendering.
  • Low price.
  • Ergonomic shape.


The only shortcoming is the minimal refresh rate for such a monitor.

Samsung U32J590UQI

It’s another great monitor in the low-cost segment. It’s suitable for both players and ordinary users. The VA-matrix of 32 inches is impressive with its qualities. The image is saturated, the detail is high, the viewing angles are excellent. Add game mode and minimal response parameters and you get an excellent 4K monitor for a small price.

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The slim design and small frame gives special zest to the Samsung U32J590UQI. It’s mounted on an elegant stand.


  • Large diagonal.
  • High build quality.
  • Attractive price.
  • Long manufacturer’s warranty.


Among the disadvantages are the refresh rate of only 75 Hz, the lack of a USB connector and small adjustments due to the stand.

LG UltraFine 27UL500-W

It’s an excellent 4K monitor from one of the leading manufacturers in this field. It stands out with its chic design and excellent features. It has thin edges and a stylish stand with a variety of adjustments. The On-Screen Control software allows you to adjust the device with perfect accuracy.

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LG refers this model to the premium category, so the white balance is implemented at the highest level. There are all necessary connectors, including headphones. There are various technologies and additional options for adjustment and comfortable work. There is even a wall mount.



  • Minimal weight.
  • Pleasant design.
  • Expanded functionality.
  • High quality.
  • Maximum viewing angles.

BenQ PD2700U

This monitor stands out for excellent factory calibration, numerous settings. It isn’t only compact, but also quite functional, allowing you to quickly set the screen in the perfect position for work.


The brightness is 400 cd/m2, but the response rate is not impressive, about 14 ms. This significantly complicates the life of gamers. You can also distinguish several different operating modes, relevant in different situations.

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  • USB hub.
  • Unparalleled color reproduction.
  • Several specialized modes.
  • Light sensor.
  • Comfortable contrast.
  • Acceptable cost.


The main disadvantage is the low response speed.


There are a lot of 4K monitors on the market. If before the price tag on them was exorbitant, but now the situation has changed. For a little money you can get a decent model. In this article, we presented some great options. However, when buying such a device, remember that your computer should have a powerful video card and overall performance.

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