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Technology Is in Need of Girls, and Girls Are in Need of Technology

As more and more young women talk about the significance of safeness online, including gambling on PlayAmo casino, the UN gives an opportunity to everyone who desires to study.

On April 21, 2018, International Girls in Technology Day was celebrated. The event’s theme was “Access and Safety.” It was designed to raise awareness of the seriousness of the safe and proper usage of tech.


Fair and equal circumstances

The UN welcomes the idea of making sure women and girls have equivalent admission to education. As per a report by the ITU, only thirty percent of tech professionals are women.

Despite the availability of tech, many women still lack confidence and are not prepared for their future careers in tech and engineering.

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Motivate the coming generation

According to Houlin Zhao, the secretary-general of the ITU, the goal of the event is to motivate girls and women to chase careers in tech.

He urged officials and business leaders to sustain young women and girls through their education and career opportunities.

Girls’ admittance to STEM is critical

UN Women also joined the call for action to make assured that all girls have the necessary access to tech.

The agency was motivated by the work of activists such as Yordanos Genanaw and Ana Vizitiv, who are from the Republic of Moldova and Ethiopia, respectively.

Through their work, the agency was able to motivate other young women to chase professions in tech.

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The agency noted that the increasing number of disasters and crises globally has made it more crucial for women to have admittance to education and professions in engineering, science, math, and tech than ever.

Insistent negative stereotypes

Research conducted by the ITU   and the UN revealed that girls tend to apply tech later in life than boys.

The study also noted that young women are more prone to experiencing online harassment due to their lack of confidence. These issues may affect their emotional and physical welfare.

Over the event, the UN secretary-general asked for the creation of a digital compact to refine the cooperation between government agencies and tech firms. The event was also held to raise awareness about gender-based assault.

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According to a statement let out by the UN, despite the technological advancements that have occurred in the past few years, many barriers remain for women and girls.

Throughout the UN system, diverse enterprises and agencies have been required for the advancement of women in STEM. For instance, UNESCO noted that women should be given the needful instruments and resources to succeed in the workplace. The Food and Agriculture Organization also noted that girls and women should have admission to digital techs.


Join the digital revolution

During the celebrations held for the Girls in ICT Day, various events were conducted to encourage more young women to chase more and more professions in tech.

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Over six hundred thousand young women and girls were united in the events held in over 12,000 countries. The ITU noted that the participation of women and girls in technology is a global priority that will help pave their way towards professionalism and become successful in the industry.

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