March 23


Innovative Kitchen Storage Ideas You Wish You Knew Earlier

In any house, the kitchen occupies a special place in one’s heart as it is the place where the meals are cooked and shared with immense love. And without a doubt, to dish out a flavorsome dish, the kitchen should be designed right. After all, a kitchen is filled with enormous items a person needs daily. The real challenge that comes in the kitchen is the storage. Thus, if you are planning an upgrade to your kitchen or designing it from scratch, here are a few of the storage ideas that you must consider for convenience and efficient storage.


  1. A spot for cleaning supplies:

If your cleaning products are lying beneath the kitchen sink area, it is time to upgrade your organizing skill. While designing the kitchen furniture, have a dedicated space in the form of a cabinet with a shelf and hooks to hang the broom and mops as such products won’t fit anywhere else. You can create this dedicated place in the unused space at the end of the kitchen cupboards so that it’s invisible to others.

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  1. Convenient compartment for the spices:

If you are fed up with counter clutter with spices and oils that are used frequently regularly, it is time to put away these cooking supplies in a cabinet. Hidden compartments are the new way to store items that are created behind the counter that blend well with the background. It looks like a hidden storage unit when opened, and when closed you cannot identify it. How advantageous it is, right?


  1. Drawer Under the sink:

You must have always noticed a cabinet under the sink but let’s give you a finer alternative that’s additional, functional and convenient. Having the drawer beneath the sink or a sliding organizer is the perfect way to acquire all the cleaning solutions in one move without having the hassle of finding them behind the sink’s pipes. Thus, the next time you revamp your kitchen, bring about this change and perceive the difference it creates.

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  1. The sides of the fridge:

Have you ever thought about the capability to store products outside the fridge? Yes, the side of the fridge is the right place to add a magnetic storage rack unit to hold all the essentials you need frequently. The rack can hold food wraps, paper towels, potholders, olive oil, a pepper grinder, a little hook for the apron, etc.


  1. Use of wall-mounted shelves:

To decorate the items that add aesthetic appeal to the entire kitchen space such as bright colored pottery, jars, and crockery, open kitchen shelves are a great idea. Open shelves have the advantage of making the kitchen look open and spacious. Thus, having shelves and hangers as a combination to store items forms the kitchen to appear organized and beautiful too.

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  1. Compartmentalized drawers:

Drawers and sections that are compartmentalized with movable partitions are the best way to store different sizes of vessels and cutlery. For someone who loves to keep everything organized, this is a life savior. Therefore, having a compartmented and sectioned drawer will not let you waste time searching around for articles. It will help form the items to be readily accessible the moment you think about using them.


  1. Tucked Bins For Veggies Bulk Storage:

There is no house that doesn’t use onions, and potatoes regularly. Thus, having a dedicated drawer with wickerwork facing or air vents is a must-have. You can also have a dedicated basket to hang in your kitchen.

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To sum up, plan your kitchen storage as per your needs and requirements. Keep the number of shelves as per the size and number of appliances and vessels you have. This will create a smooth organization, free of the clutter that you will adore daily.




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