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Common and Useful Chinese Idioms

There are a lot of idioms used in the Chinese language. It is not easy at all. We will today discuss the Chinese idioms and the usage of them in regular Chinese language.

Some idioms have different meanings in English, but they have exactly the same meaning in Chinese. The meaning of idioms has a lot of cultural background. This has made people study how to use idioms correctly. Chinese idioms are very unique because of the cultural background. People have different ways of using idioms. The word order changes from one idiomatic expression to another.

The reason why the use of idioms is common is because it is very easy to use in chinese.

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As example, 人山人海” is a common term by chinese people. It means “a sea of people”

Here we can understand that a sea of people is basically a lot of people.

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Discussion on Chinese Idioms

We will here discuss the Chinese idioms that decorate the Chinese language and we will love to enjoy the word magic.

Most of the Chinese people don’t understand these expressions, but they use them to communicate with others.

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What are Chinese Idioms?

You will enjoy that generally Chinese idioms are 4 characters and they have an inner meaning. So, we can learn and use these idioms to decorate general chinese idioms, it will make our speech more understandable.

In Chinese, there are many idioms which refer to what something means. It’s important to remember them because they will help you to make yourself understood by others. This is because idioms are commonly used in everyday conversation.


Idioms and their meanings are the same for people of all different backgrounds, so you will not need to worry about having problems understanding people. There are some general Chinese idioms which you should remember.

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How and When are Chinese Idioms Used?

There are a lot of processes that we follow to use Chinese idioms. We will share the process here, it will make your idioms easy and effective, check the rules and follow them.

  1. Emphasize a point
  2. Encourage someone
  3. Use in daily conversation
  4. Writing an article

Chinese idioms are used to make a sentence easier to understand. Idioms are short sentences that express a different meaning from the words that they are made out of. Chinese idioms have their own special meaning and style, and it’s different from English idioms. If you want to speak Chinese idioms, you should learn them. Idioms can add meaning to sentences that can make them stronger. When using an idiom, don’t forget to use the correct verb to make the idiom work.

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For example, if you have a sentence with the phrase “to do something” and you want to add something else into it, just use the idiom “to finish doing something”. You should use the right form of the verb according to its context. In addition, you can use an idiom to express your ideas by adding your personal feelings to it. Try using Chinese idioms.

5 Examples of Chinese Idioms

  1. 人山人海:huge crowds of faces; a sea of people; a multitude; a vast crowd

You can tell about a lot of people and crowds at any place. You can tell it in a short term and you will see that both you and Chinese people are feeling happy to enjoy it.

  1. 半途而廢:means to start doing something, only to give up halfway.
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It is to encourage someone, to have a plan and faith in him, proceed and finish his task. It is a very easy word that will explain itself and you can use it in many places. It is related to kids and youths in their work.

  1. 全力以赴:means to give it your all (literally to exert all your strength) for a goal

You need to focus on your goals, develop your skill and gain it. You have to stick to your plan and win the race. In that you may need to develop your skill, then you can target what you want and then chase it.

  1. 亂七八糟:means that something is a total mess
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When you have made a big mistake and there is a lot of technical mess you have created. You can talk about a lot of troubles and messy issues here. It will make your feelings out in a word. .

  1. 三思而後行:means think three times before you act.

Never do anything instantly or take any decision in a short time. So, Chinese people suggest that you have to think 3 times before doing that.


Final Words

You can learn Chinese idioms from any apps or online classes. If you need a native tutor then you can try AmazingTalker. They not only have native tutors, they all take class one to one and they are the best with the proper planning to teach you properly.

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