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Blurred Mind and Magnesium Deficiency: How to Bring Sharpness to a Blurry Life

Many are no strangers to that feeling of waking up tired, with only enough energy to perform routine rituals, and muscle aches and nervous tics becoming habitual. You feel tired, even while playing at Hellspin or walking with friends. You can continue to treat it with a sense of slight doom, holding out until the weekend. But there is another way.

Where Magnesium Deficiency Comes From

If you share your suspicions about the lack of vitamins and minerals with acquaintances, you may hear a set of ready-made objections in response. Say, before there were no deficiencies, eat more fruits and vegetables, move more. In rare cases this has a place. On the other hand, most of these statements are still far from the truth.

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“It Used to Be Better” and Features of Cognitive Distortions

No one used to know about magnesium deficiency, vitamins, apathy and burnout. The level of science, standard of living and formed outlook were different. For comparison, already 30 years ago children were forcibly given fish oil, and 100 years ago such a question was not even close to being raised in the health system.


It’s natural that the past seems better because everything was clearer there, the person was younger, more efficient, and the memory keeps mostly pleasant memories.


No one would have thought about the lack of minerals or anti-stress pills. Yes, there were individual vitamins, then vitamin complexes began to appear, but no one studied the problem of their compatibility. Today we are talking about a personal approach to a person and the closure of individual needs. Except that almost everyone needs additional magnesium.

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Reducing the Nutritional Value of Foods

There are a lot of reasons for the decrease in nutritional value. We can talk about the increase in production, and as a consequence, the depletion of land resources. The peculiarities of growing products in greenhouses, due to which the intensity of light and heat received is lower than in “wild” conditions. The peculiarities of transportation also lead to the fact that products can lose a certain percentage of vitamins and minerals.


It’s not just magnesium, but all nutrients. But also our body is not so simple – we are able to adapt to different diets and conditions. It’s especially great when it comes to interchangeable components. Except that magnesium isn’t so simple.

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It’s the third most important electrolyte, on which the synchronized work of muscles, neurons and internal organs depends. Life with magnesium deficiency is a daily morning lottery, and its “prizes” are apathy, sleepiness, irritability, fatigue, and sometimes all together. That’s why magnesium is so popular.

How to Understand That the Body is Deficient in Magnesium

Magnesium is responsible for signaling in the CNS, which means that its deficiency will be associated with “sagging” of the body in these areas. There is a basic set of symptoms. One of them can talk about a mild deficiency, but all together – this is a burning signal that it would be necessary to show interest in your health.

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How Can Magnesium Deficiency Be Corrected?

If you have symptoms of magnesium deficiency, the best solution is to consult a therapist. They’ll perform a diagnosis and, if necessary, prescribe magnesium preparations in the right dosage.


But a slight deficiency of this trace element can also be filled by yourself.

Magnesium Baths and Oils

You can combine pleasant with useful and take a bath with English salt (magnesium sulfate, it’s also called Epsom salt after the name of the city in the UK where it’s produced). Magnesium dissolves well in water, creating an electric field and dissipating excess electrical charges in the body.


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Magnesium can effectively enter the body through the skin and hair follicles, as well as through the lung mucosa with vapor.


Magnesium baths are indicated for both adults and children for increased stress, irritability, and weakness.


Another way of topical application of the trace element is magnesium oil, magnesium sulfate concentrate.


Placebo-controlled studies have already shown the effectiveness of this method – the transdermal method of administration (rubbing magnesium into the skin) resulted in a clinically significant increase in serum magnesium levels.

Foods With Magnesium

Another way to make up for the deficiency is to include magnesium-rich foods in your diet. Although only 30% of magnesium is metabolized in the gastrointestinal tract, this method shouldn’t be bypassed.

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Daily dose of magnesium in the diet should be 400 mg.

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