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The Different Types of Crooked Teeth, Explained

Do you wish to bring back the old smile your crooked teeth took away?

About one-third of American adults are unhappy with their smiles. It’s due to the unappealing appearance of their teeth. Moreover, about 78% of them feel their crooked teeth hinder their career success.

However, before addressing the problem, it is best to understand what you’re dealing with. After all, different types of crooked teeth affect your confidence and quality of life.

Continue reading to learn the different forms of crooked teeth and how to address them.


One of the most common types of crooked teeth is an overbite. It happens when your upper teeth overlap with your lower teeth. It can lead to your upper jaw protruding too much.

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Different factors may cause overbites. For starters, the shape and size of your jaw can be the main culprit. As a result, your front teeth can bite into your gums.

Your jaw size plays a role in developing overbites. If it’s too small, it can lead to misaligned teeth. Otherwise, oversized jaws cause the teeth to move around.

Also, people with a history of thumb-sucking or pacifiers may develop an overbite. Aside from the misalignment, overbites also cause lisps and other speech difficulties.


The underbite or anterior crossbite is the opposite of an overbite. It happens when your lower jaw goes past your upper jaw. It often causes you to experience jaw stress.

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Moreover, your teeth may absorb wear and damage. After all, they will eventually move in front of your top row teeth.

Addressing an underbite is crucial. Aside from causing pain in your jaw, it can cause your teeth to deteriorate faster. The stress often leads to tooth decay in the long run.


Another common form of malocclusion is overcrowding. When your teeth don’t have ample space to grow permanently, they overlap with adjacent teeth. In turn, they become crooked and leave an unfavorable sight.

There are three levels of overcrowding: mild, moderate, and severe. Mild dental crowding features a slightly rotating anterior tooth. It can either be from your upper or lower jaw.

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Meanwhile, moderate crowding involves two to three overlapping anterior teeth. Severe crowding involves most of your anterior teeth in either jaw.

Overcrowded teeth are one of the most common reasons people visit an orthodontist. The orthodontist addresses mild to moderate overcrowding through braces. Severe overcrowding may require dentofacial orthopedics.

Excess Overjet

An overjet is when the teeth on your upper jaw horizontally extend beyond your bottom teeth. Generally, dentists determine an overjet if the upper teeth already sit 2 millimeters in front of the lower teeth.

Take note; an overjet is different from an overbite. The former is a horizontal misalignment, while the latter is vertical.

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However, the causes of an overjet are similar to an overbite. The same applies to other symptoms.


This type of malocclusion happens when your upper teeth bite the inside of your lower set of teeth. It occurs on both or either side of your jaws. It affects both your front and back teeth.

You may develop crossbite for different reasons. Sometimes, it’s because of your genetics. In others, it’s because of baby teeth growing later than normal.

An erupting permanent tooth can also be a reason for a crossbite. 

Failing to address a crossbite can lead to different complications. It may cause your jaw to shift to one side. It may also result in lopsided jaw growth.

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In the long run, your teeth’s enamel may also wear down.


This issue happens when there’s significant space between two or more teeth. Spacing often makes it easier for food debris to stick between your teeth. It causes you to develop gum disease and cavities.

People with small teeth often develop dental spacing. The same goes when you have a few missing teeth. If you had a thumb-sucking habit as a child, you’re at risk of developing this issue.

Open Bite

Open bite comes in two forms: posterior and anterior. The former happens when your front teeth meet while your back teeth don’t.

On the other hand, an anterior open bite happens when your back teeth meet while your top and bottom teeth don’t overlap. An open bite causes speech and swallowing problems. It may also prompt you to thrust your tongue.

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The Solution for Different Types of Crooked Teeth

You can still enjoy some of the best benefits of straight teeth. Get a trusted orthodontist to correct your malocclusion. It allows them to determine your type of malocclusion.

They will use panoramic x-rays, bite impressions, and visual examinations. It will help them pick the appropriate treatment for your dental condition. For example, overcrowding may need a tooth extraction.

For overbites and underbites, a common treatment is braces. The most common type of braces is the fixed multi-bracket braces. The orthodontist attaches the brackets to each tooth and connects them with a wire.

After several appointments, the dentist will adjust the tension of the wires. It will help slowly align your teeth. Sometimes, the dentist uses removable devices like retainers to treat a malocclusion.

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Resolving crooked teeth takes time. Thus, immediate action is essential. It applies even if visiting the dentist became more challenging because of the health crisis.

Never let anything stop you from getting the proper dental attention. Otherwise, you’ll suffer more dental issues in the long run. You’re more likely to develop cavities and gingivitis.

Take Your Dental Health to the Next Level Now

Understanding the different types of crooked teeth allows you to address your dental problem. Use this guide to determine your issue before getting help.

However, identifying malocclusion is only the first step. Get a reputable dentist and orthodontist to address these problems more effectively. Read online reviews and ask for references to prove their authenticity.

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