September 21


Squirrels Loitering Around Your Property? Worry No More! 

In the majority of American neighborhoods, squirrels are a common sight. They hardly ever act violently toward people and are more well-known for robbing birdseed than for endangering people’s health and safety. Regrettably, the truth is that squirrels can be dangerous to your family and home if they decide to settle on your land. Hence, it is best if you opt for residential pest control right away.


Rodents like rats and mice include squirrels. Additionally, squirrels have molars that develop throughout the course of their lives, just like all other rodents do. Squirrels and other rodents must continually gnaw to keep their teeth short in order to avoid becoming unnecessarily long. In other words, they’ll eat anything they see.

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Issues That Squirrels Create

One of the most aggravating pests to have in your house is a squirrel. There are a few things you should be aware of regarding the issues squirrels cause before you continue feeding that adorable creature in your yard.


  • Squirrels are destructive; they’ll gnaw through electrical wiring, wood, storage containers, furniture, and plastic. Rodents like squirrels frequently spark fires by gnawing through electrical cables.


  • They spread disease: Dangerous pathogens like salmonella and E. coli are known to be present in rodent droppings. Not to mention that ticks and fleas, which spread their own infections, can be carried by squirrels.
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  • Squirrels are quite noisy and will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep because they have no concern for quiet.


  • They’ll make a terrible commotion by thudding and scurrying through your loft or attic.

How to Keep Squirrels Out?

The real kicker is that there are techniques to keep squirrels out of your Austin house and away from their gathering areas.


  • Don’t feed the squirrels; they can find food by themselves and don’t require your assistance to do so. Don’t make a special effort to entertain squirrels.


  • Remove potential food sources by raking up any fruit, nuts, or seeds that may drop on your premises. Ensure that trash can lids are securely closed. And make an effort to minimize or remove bird feeders from your property. Nonetheless, “squirrel-proof” feeders are rarely successful in deterring the fluffy rodents and simply serve as a feast for them.
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  • Fix any structural flaws and gaps because squirrels just require a tiny gap to enter your home. Look for any cracks or holes in your home and fill them with steel wool or fix them with metal plates.


We can’t think of any pest other than bed bugs that don’t carry deadly viruses or bacteria. That being said, it doesn’t mean bed bugs are harmless. They feed on blood, lay eggs, and cause skin allergies, rashes, and evening swelling. Let’s not forget, they will not let you sleep at peace.


If we talk about the more serious ones that can even kill you, mosquitoes and roaches lead the race.

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The most destructive pests that will chew their way through your beautiful furniture, books, and whatnot include rats, mice, and termites.


The best way is to scare them away. Using your dog or cat to hunt squirrels can be a very successful tactic. Even if it won’t completely get rid of them, it can stop them from loitering around your premises.


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