June 17


How To Post Content in F95Zone under Games or Comics and Animations Forums?

The strict rules and regulations that members have to follow to upload content in F95Zone makes it one of the safest and most popular adult communities on the internet. This website has several guidelines that users have to be compliant with if they want to post something, be it a general discussion thread or links to the latest game. There are four main forums in this website, the adult game forum, comics and animations forum, development forum, and a discussion forum.

To ensure that whatever links to games and artwork that people upload are authentic and valid, new members have to upload three normal posts in forums like development and general discussion before they can upload links. This decreases the chances of random people joining just to spam or post promotional content. 

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Uploading Content Which Hasn’t Been Published on the Site

If you want to post original content or content that has not been posted on the f95zone site yet, you have to follow certain rules. Click on Games subcategory under Adult Games forum or the Comics and Stills subcategory under Adult Comics and Animations forum and look for the thread named Uploading Rules. This thread will contain all the relevant information on the do’s and don’ts while uploading to these forums. 

Once you have read the rules, you will find templates under at the bottom these threads to help you structure your post. However, you cannot simply start a thread in these subcategories. You have to go to the ‘Game Requests’ or ‘Comic and Animation Requests’ subcategories and post your content under that forum. Post the links to the game or artwork along with links to the content’s creator. Include as much information about it as possible and then post it after previewing it. 

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Once you have posted, find your thread and report it, tagging it as Game update or Comic / Animation Update. State that it needs to be moved. Once your thread gets moved up, you can report it as an update with links in future if you ever want to publish updates. 

Uploading Updated Version of Already Existing Content

There are some threads that post a game or artwork and then forget to update them when new versions come out. If you happen to have the new version or an update on a game or comic or artwork that has already been posted on F95Zone, you can post it easily. You just need to find the original thread where the content was posted, report it and tag it as Game update or Comic / Animation Update.Ensure that you provide adequate links of the updates while you are tagging it.

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Chances of your content post getting rejected by the F95Zone moderators are low if you properly follow their rules and take into consideration things that you should avoid posting. Lastly, make sure that the content you are posting has not been uploaded by any other user yet and you are all set to go.  

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