September 13


How to build a good gaming PC for modern games

Times change and the computer and all components require updates. Device developers release new updates and improve technologies, in order to have time to play all the games at maximum and ultra settings, or browse sites you need the appropriate PC settings.

Today, we will discuss what you need to buy in order to assemble a good gaming PC:

  1. Frame
  2. Motherboard
  3. CPU
  4. RAM
  5. video card
  6. SSD or hard drive
  7. Monitor
  8. Keyboard
  9. Game Mouse
  10. Headset


The shell of a gaming PC should be roomy and have plenty of space to remove heat from the key elements of the computer – the processor and video card. Modern cases have the ability to install a highlight that will add beauty to the lighting of the game room.

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One of the key devices in the computer – you should not save and buy equipment from little-known companies. Support for RAM, work with the processor, data processing speed and the rest depend on the quality of the motherboard.


The quality of the processor depends on the operation of the computer, and the speed is important for games.

Processors are divided into series and are distinguished by two well-known manufacturers – AMD and Intel. To assemble a gaming computer, it is recommended to choose a processor of at least the 5th series of the latest generation with the K prefix, which means that the device supports high loads and power can be overclocked if necessary.

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The speed of the computer and the number of simultaneously performed tasks depends on both the processor and the amount of RAM.

It is recommended to install at least 8 GB of memory, since the operating system always takes a part for its needs, and 4 GB or less is not physically enough for modern tasks, not to mention games.

At least 8 GB and it is advisable to set not one bar, but two 4 GB each, so performance increases. It is recommended to set 16 GB and above for comfortable PC operation. The latest generation of RAM is called DDR 5, and it is recommended to install it, after making sure that your motherboard supports it.

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Video card

The graphics card is a key component for gaming performance, to play at ultra settings you need a good graphics card.

It is recommended to look at video cards of the 3rd series – 3060 at least. The more expensive the video card, the more additional options and fine-tuning it supports. For example, the sensational RTX is supported only in top-end video cards.

SSD or hard drive

To quickly launch the operating system and quickly load game levels and level detail, it is recommended to install SSD. It is many times superior to a conventional hard drive in terms of data processing speed.

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But if the budget does not allow for the supply of several SSDs, then we proceed as follows:

  1. We buy a 64-128 GB SSD for the operating system. In small volumes, SSDs are cheap.
  2. We buy a modern hard drive for other needs.
  3. Gradually update all hard drives to SSD. Fortunately, SSDs are much easier to install in the case, and there are even external ones.


Monitors are selected by hertz and matrix. Our task is to take a good and smooth picture for games.

The main matrices are IPS and OLED. We choose IPS, because it is cheaper and, although it is inferior in picture saturation, but not so much as to overpay for OLED so much.

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The monitor should preferably be 120 Hz or higher for optimal and smooth picture dynamics in games.


Keyboards don’t cost a lot these days and differ mostly in key technology. There are mechanical and membrane keyboards.

Mechanical ones have a characteristic loud sound when pressed, but they work faster.

Membrane ones have a longer response, but they are quieter and last longer.

Both options have a highlight and the ability to program keys – choose for home life and comfort.

game mouse

The mouse should be chosen with comfort under the arm and preferably with smart DPI technology, so that it itself adjusts the sensitivity depending on the wave of the hand. Such a mouse will increase the percentage of hits in the head in shooters.

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Headphones should be chosen with 7.1 virtual or real technology.

The difference is in the space of sound and its quality. Virtual headphones are cheaper, but the sound is created and controlled by software.

Real 7.1 will transmit real sound, which will be more natural, but you will have to pay much more for such headphones.

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