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Explore the Different Types of Rummy Online

Every Indian and an avid card player know that each game of cards has several different variations with which the same game can be played. Some of the rules depend on the dealer (person who deals the cards in that turn/ game) or some have been passed on from generations and that is the way the family or tradition calls for the game to be played. For example – even poker or the famous Indian game teen patti can be played with different rules to make it more exciting and keep the fun going without seeming monotonous. 

Similarly, one of the most famous card games played across the globe is Indian Rummy. There are multiple versions of this game as well, but the attractiveness of this one cannot be paralleled by any other. 

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What is Indian Rummy

The game is played between 2 and 6 players to make valid sequences out of the 13 cards that are dealt initially. The sequences can be as follows 

  • Pure sequence – 3 or 4 cards of the same suit
  • Impure sequences – a set of 3 or 4 cards but with a joker
  • Triplets – 3 cards with the same face value but of a dissimilar suit.  

A very popular version of Rummy is Points Rummy. This game is played with a pre-decided value for money. This version seems exciting as there are cash prizes at the end of the game for the player who has the best skills and makes the most valid sequences.

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What is Points Rummy

The game is also played with 2-6 players and required 2 decks of cards. The points will have a set rupee value and each player would have to contribute a minimum value to begin playing. The same rules in terms of sequences and sets are maintained in this version of the game as well. The most valid declarations or the least number of points would decide the winner in the game.

How to play these Rummy games online

To play these games, it would first be important to download the app that consists of versions of these games. Next, select the version of Rummy that seems most appealing and join the tournament or a table to play. Select the number of players, if valid, before beginning the game. Each game will start based on a toss or depending on which player draws the highest card. The game continues in all its glory until a valid declaration has been made or if a player decided to discontinue the game.

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The app developers have taken into account the comfort and ease of their users. The app is very simple to operate and the registration, rules, and regulations are not complex to understand. All we need to do is find a strong and stable internet connection so that the game does not get disconnected midst playing. Read the tips and tricks as provided on the website to gain mastery over the game even as a novice. The more time spent on the app, the greater chances of becoming a better player and winning cash prizes and rewards!

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