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Difference between Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Many people think engagement and wedding rings are the same thing. They interchange the use of these terms. In reality, Engagement rings and Wedding bands are two different concepts.

An engagement ring is quite elaborate, generally coming with a diamond in the center. This is used for a marriage proposal. On the other hand, wedding bands are understated rings that you exchange at the wedding ceremony.

In some cultures, the to-be bride and groom exchange rings at a pre-planned engagement ceremony. This can be the root cause of the confusion.

Which type of ring should you buy first?

That depends on the situation. Generally, men use an engagement ring to propose to their ladyloves. When the proposal is accepted, then both the to-be bride and groom shop together for a wedding band.

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Alternatively, if you have been dating your girlfriend for quite some time and have discussed getting married previously, it makes sense to buy both the engagement ring for women as well as the pair of wedding bands together to save time and money.

How are wedding bands and engagement rings worn?

This generally depends on personal preferences. Some women wear their engagement rings daily while others wear them for special occasions. Wedding bands are worn daily by both husband and wife. Many women prefer to wear both their engagement ring as well as their wedding band on the same fourth finger. This is because it is believed that the vein in the fourth finger runs directly to the heart, symbolizing the commitment and love a couple has for each other.

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Many couples also ensure that their wedding band and the engagement ring complement each other. Many women also get their engagement ring and wedding band joined for an amazing look.

Summing it up

Buying an engagement ring and wedding band is perhaps the only time you would visit a diamond store. As this is a big investment, do take your time to choose the right diamond ring and do not take any decision in haste. Wedding bands and engagement rings represent the love and commitment between you and your spouse. With this blog, we are sure you know what you need to buy and that you can plan the purchase accordingly.

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