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Choose a Hotel and Don’t Regret It: How to Read Reviews Correctly

What would we do if kind-hearted people didn’t write reviews on books, phones, drills, hair dryers, dog food after all! It’s the same with a hotel: even if you have almost no doubts, you’ll at least take a peek to see what guests have written before you. what you cannot do without. Breakfast? Unlimited WiFi to play at IviBet and watch YouTube? Air conditioning? Parking? Then add second-order amenities: spa, bike rentals, loft-style interiors.


In order not to drown in the abyss of opinions, here is how to read reviews properly, so that they were useful and helped you choose the best option of stay.

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Decide on Your Priorities

Someone travels with a backpack and can stay anywhere, as long as there is a bed and a roof over his head. Some don’t care about the light of the world without high-speed internet in the room. And someone will never agree to a shower – only a bath and nothing else. In general, we hint that we are all different and the picture of the ideal trip for everyone is different.


For a hotel that meets your expectations, make a list of what you want and focus on it. Start with the most fundamental – If it’s not all there – not fatal, and if you’re lucky – will be an additional plus when choosing between several similar options.

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If the budget is limited, set a price range. If you know you only want to live in an apartment, check the box and choose only among options in that category.

Check the Hotel Rating

TripAdvisor uses four main rating parameters: scores for cleanliness, room comfort, quality of service and value for money. Based on these parameters, an average score on a five-point scale is calculated. Then the reviews of all users are summed up and the average score is calculated – the overall rating of the hotel.


TripAdvisor ratings are listed on the hotel card as well as on the hotel page. You’ll see both the overall rating and the rating of each user who left a review.

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Compare Reviews From Different Time Periods

You liked the hotel, but then you happened to read that the guests were suffering from insomnia because of the construction under the windows. Out of sight, out of mind? Take your time. Pay attention to when the review was written. Maybe there was construction three years ago, and it’s quiet now.


Also by reviews for different periods of time you can understand how important to the hotelier opinion of guests: if guests noted that it would be nice to put electric kettles in the rooms, and in subsequent reviews vied with each other to write about the wonderful tea parties on the balcony – then the hotelier listened to the guests. Such a hotel is worth its weight in gold!

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Pay Attention to the Type of Travelers Who Left Reviews

If you plan to go out with friends, reviews that start with the words “Great hotel! My husband, three kids and grandma and I loved it here…” – is worth thinking about. The same applies to infrastructure and entertainment: for family tourists a big plus will be playgrounds, entertainment programs and water parks with attractions for the youngest, and you’re going on vacation with friends and looking for clubs, restaurants, bars and preferably a cool outlet with endless sales.

Don’t Dwell on the Negative

People are ready to compose an entire epic about their misfortunes: describe in detail disgusting cracks on the walls, poorly washed mirror or unfriendly grimace of the employee at the reception.

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It’s different when everything is fine. You’ve had a great time, taken a bunch of pictures, and already told me three times how you got up to surf. But whether the color of the curtains shaded the upholstery of the chairs or how rich the assortment of supermarkets across the street was, you’ve already forgotten. So if the positive review is laconic and modest, don’t be alarmed, the man just had a good time.

Separate the Subjective From the Objective

Reading the negative reviews of other users, pay attention to what exactly they are not satisfied with. If there was no employee at the reception and someone had to call him half an hour with the help of customer service – this is really a serious mistake of the hotelier, you should be wary.

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