August 27


6 Top Inventory Management Apps To Manage Stock On The Go

Corporations and businesses of all sizes need a system to control, manage and track their inventory so that the business owner can follow every inventory detail at any time, from anywhere. Presently, inventory management becomes more vital to sustainability and success since business transactions and activities settle their place on an international scale and cover various locations. 

Manually entering every data regarding tracking, entering, and counting inventory is practically unmanageable by today’s industry standards. But, relying on inventory management, tracking, and controlling methods entirely on a desktop machine is no longer worthwhile either.

Therefore, technical firms and companies have designed and developed ecommerce inventory management softwares to smoothen your working system. These apps will make search, visualization, inventory data entry possible at any time, from any location wholly by using smartphones and tablets.

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Here are 6-recommendations of top Inventory Management Apps for your business.

Inventory Now

The name of this app, “Inventory Now,” expresses the proper intention of this app, which is to streamline all solutions for all business owners. This app can also function as an additional tool for people with previously extensive POS systems in place. Formerly known as Inventory Tracker, this inventory tracker enables users to trail their details throughout every level of the process, from the moment they enter the inventory to the point they are getting shipped and sold. 

myStock Inventory Manager

For companies like small to medium-sized, myStock Inventory Manager is the best fit. This app holds extensive types of features that you can access through iOS or Android devices. This generalized app allows the users to generate multiple inventory centres, and it seems great for continuous use as your business grows. You can access a built-in barcode reader that makes it effortless to scan all items for your bestonline shopwithin your app. Besides, you can even associate a product icon for identifying each item at a glance.

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Stock Control

Available in iOS devices (iPhone, Mac, iPad), Stock Control is a straightforward inventory management app that usually list products, classifies them, and plants them with storage locations. It has no unnecessary features or extra fluff. This app empowers users to manage their inventory value and level with ease. Stock Control eventually creates unique groups, lists items there, and assigns every group to its particular storage location. You can easily manage the entire groups in the inventory together and attach notes and complete information on specific items.


Zoho is available in Android and iOS both. It’s a more advanced app & yet not complicated at all. It’s a full-scale inventory management app that offers tons of features, easy to use plus available at an accessible price tag. Besides, Zoho lets you access multiple vital inventory management features at your fingertips, including barcode scanning, stock level checking, tracking, so on. 

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topShelf is Scout’s cloud-based inventory management software that finely consolidates with CRM, accounting, and e-commerce systems. By logging in to this app, you can instantly connect and manage their inventory. It offers the same features as myStock but is more aesthetically pleasing and stands out in integration capabilities. It is compatible to integrate with Shopify, Salesforce, BigCommerce, Amazon, and more. 

On Shelf

With On Shelf, you can manage your inventory using less time for your online retail shop. It allows you to analyse and access sales reports each time you log in. It offers color-coded current inventory that makes it exceptional. You can easily find products by using the barcode reader. You can see the sale and order history of the product. Additionally, you can have a glimpse of the quickest movers to make sure that your stocks are not overflowing. 

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Once you find the inventory app that perfectly fits your business, you will realize the power and advantage of using these apps. These apps proudly offer the most cutting-edge solution and help all sized business owners from shop management, accounting, purchasing, manufacturing to sales. 

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