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5 ways to make the most of your escape room

Escape rooms are exciting, thrilling and unleash hidden adventures at every moment. If you want to experience high level of adrenaline, then you must visit fox in a box escape roomonce in your life. Or if you are addicted to escape rooms and curious to know how you can solve all the puzzles and win over the game, then this blog is for you. 

The fox in a box Chicagois designed to put your mental power to test and encourage you to solve puzzles by using your mental and physical abilities. While most of the players simply want to enjoy the game, some of the players like you and me want to solve every puzzle and want to give the best performance to unlock every riddle. Escape rooms are the best place for ideas, bursting anxiety and mental abilities. 

This blog focuses on techniques and tricks that you can use to escape successfully when the clock is always ticking. 

  • Collaborate with your best friends

The best friends always make a strong squad and you must need to unleash your potential only with your best friends. You can connect with them easily and can understand their psychology during the game. It is important to have a great team in the escape room to solve variety of puzzles no matter it is simple puzzles or arithmetic riddles. It is be very helpful for you if you have a diversified group of friends who are well informed about your issues and have different kinds of problem solving skills. 

  • Planning and strategies 

Planning and game strategy is the most important elements of escape room games. You must need to plan the right strategy by considering the right frame of mind before entering into the game. Pre-planned games can take one or two formats, the one for online games and the other one is for physical games. For online escape room games, you can analyze the entire floor plan, but for offline escape room games, you cannot analyze the floor plan and can be completely clueless about the puzzles. 

You can plan the gameplay in advance after reaching the escape room location and observing the puzzle solving attitudes of previous players. Then you can execute the plan and strategies to escape from the game. Behave like a warrior and encourage your team members to be like soldiers. 

  • Stay alert and have quick communication 

Communicating with your team members is paramount in escaping from the room. You must need to express your ideas, your thoughts about the puzzles. And also need to ask your team members about the suggestions and guides to solve the riddle. 

Communication and discussion are the two pillars on which your planning and strategies can work to win this game. Thus, you must need to be attentive and interactive till the entire gameplay and help the players to hunt for clues that are required for the game. 

  • Be attentive to timing

Time is the crucial consideration in escape rooms. The major time in escape room is to enhance the adrenaline in our body, creating the most immersive gaming experience. So, you don’t have to spend much time on a single puzzle. If you are unable to solve one puzzle, then look out for more puzzles and hints in the room. Return to solve the puzzle, when you are more confident to solve it. This will help you to avoid time waste and decoding the riddles in less time. 

  • Enjoy and have fun

The ultimate motto of escape room is to have fun with your friends and family. Escape rooms are for entertainment and not for stress. You don’t have to stress out to solve any puzzle. You just simply need to enjoy the entire experience and create an encouraging environment for your team mates.

Don’t rush out in a wrath if you are running out of time or don’t stress out on any team member if he is unable to solve any riddle. It is simply a game and so make the best of it. The escape room games like www.clueiq.com are designed to create mesmerizing experience for the groups that take you into another world. 


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